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Teachings of Mahaguru for Ek Sattva Lifestyle

Ek Sattva Lifestyle considers Lord Narayana as Param Brahma. Mahaguru & Lord Shiva are the gurus who have showed us path to reach Param Brahma in a non-dual - Advaita way. 

Instead of Vedanta, Ek Sattva Lifestyle takes us back to authority of Vedas above everything else.

Everyone who wants to follow path of spirituality in Ek Sattva Lifestyle has unwavering faith in Naam Jap. Each devotee goes through 4 stages of Vaishnavas as his belief strenghthens in power of mantras. 

First Mantra sthapana is done, and then minimum after 6 months on any guru purnima, mantra diksha can be taken. If a devotee has already taken diksha of some other Guru, they can take diksha again, or continue mantra jaap through existing Guru's mantra and new mantra obtained through mantra sthapana. 

Pranayam forms the basis of preparing our body for spiritual experiences. We learn to control our praan vayu through pranayama and few important applications of ashtang yoga. Mantra combined with knowledge of supreme being, Yagya and Yoga ultimately raises our consciousness. 

Karmkand & Mimansha forms very important part of Ek Sattva Lifestyle. 

Each devotee should strive to devote atleast one 2500 ahuti Yagya per year to the Lord. Our spiritual experiences through mantra jaap come only by performing fire rituals. 

Yagyas are done at Ek Sattva Ashrams all year around. 

Devotees should do minimum 1 Yagya and maximum as much as they can devote to Lord every year. 

Daan is the way to open our heart, and our minds to appreciate small happinesses of life. Daan of things that is dear to us pushes us towards path of becoming "Asakti Rahit", slowly but steadily. Starting small and then continuously transforming ourselves causes us to first become more successful, and then a person with greater heart. 

Daan given only for self satisfaction doesn't bring about any religious or spiritual change in one's life, but when its guided by a Guru, following dharma shastras, it has potential to fully change our life. 

According to each devotee's convenience, according to stage of Vaishnava based on Ek Sattva Lifestyle that they are in, they can do daanam and add it to enhancing their spiritual experiences. 

Ek Sattva Lifestyle teaches us to do Seva associated with spiritual well being. 

Seva that leads to spiritual upliftment can be of only 4 types according to Mahaguru 

  1. Isht Seva - seva done in service to Narayana like promotion of dharma, protection of dharma, temple building or sponsoring more and more people to join Vaishnava movement 
  2. Veda Seva - Seva done to create Veda pathshala, or creation of schools where spiritual upliftment along with modern education takes place or sponsoring children to such ashrams where spiritual & modern both education are given to children 
  3. Brahman Seva - giving daan to those brahmins who are doing karmkand, are archakas in temple, seers, saints, gurus who are brahmin by birth . Doing Brahman seva already does all 4 sevas.
  4. Gau Seva - serving interests of Indian breed of cows and Gaushalas or Ashrams which are involved in their upkeep. 

Any other seva which doesn't belong to above 4 does not help in any kind of spiritual upliftment and hence considered wastage of resources of a being. 

Achieving Param Brahma is not possible by challenging scriptures ,  but by following them. 

Good Karma leads to birth in a particular situation thus paving way for spiritual enlightenment is ancient belief which holds true even today. 

Mahaguru Ji says, Hinduism is never such that it will exclude a single being from expanse of its arms and there is provision of 5th Varna, apart from 4 basic Varnas usually discussed. 

Ek Sattva Lifestyle promotes that those who are born in a particular Varna and practice their specific Varna Dharma, they are respectable in equal status as God - following non-duality principles. 

But at the same time, those who are either not born in one of 4 Varnas or those who are born in  4 Varnas but for any reason cannot follow the Varna-Dharma, they all can respectfully be placed in the 5th Varna. 

Below principles are accepted by each Ek Sattva Lifestyle devotee regarding the 5th Varna 

  1. Those devotees and every member of Hindu community who are born in a particular Varna and are earning their livelihood by following their Varna Dharma should all be considered as venerable, and no hindrance in their practice should be created, rather they should be given all possible help to follow their Varna Dharma by every Ek Sattva Lifestyle devotee. 
  2. All Ek Sattva Lifestyle devotees are always ready to protect such people of all 4 Varnas, who want to and continue to adhere to Varna Dharma. 
  3. Those of us who cannot follow our birth Varna consider ourselves to be of 5th Varna. 
  4. All of us in 5th Varna explicitly introduce ourselves as such, and do not try to show false identity to the 4 Varna people by posing as Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya or Shudra. 
  5. Anyone who is not born in one of 4 Varnas (other religion devotees), consider themselves as part of 5th Varna, and do not pose as Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya or Shudra. 
  6. While seeking our own spiritual awakening, no Ek Sattva Lifestyle devotee ever tries to harm or denigrate a Hindu who wants to follow his Varna Dharma, rather always promotes it in his own lifestyle, considering them above him in all cases. 

We base our belief in nature and creation and hence instead of a Vigrah, Banyan Tree (Vat Vriksha) is used symbolising Param Brahma Narayana. Ashram kit contains a photo for beginners in Ek Sattva Lifestyle. 

All devotees who have resources can either plant a bonsai tree in their city homes or full size banyan tree in their village homes or farmhouses making it the place to perform worship and Pranayama.