Ek Sattva Shri Siddharaj Dham, Nagpur

Metaphysical Research

Metaphysical research and facts as verified by Mahaguru Ji. Presenting proofs of claims for those who do not have their brain gates open to perceive other worldly beings is not possible. There is a rigorous 40 yrs training process for any human to open gates of their brains to perceive those who control our lives and our existence in different realms.

Metaphysical science is beyond religion and modern science both. Religion is about beliefs, science is about proof but metaphysical science is about experience. So while researching on metaphysical science either side need to choose a person and experience the other side. Religious side doesn’t need to participate in this, as I already represent them, but scientific people are most welcome to join the journey.

We are the illusion, what we call Ghosts are the real beings.

Moksha / Salvation for non Hindus only by taking a Hindu Brahmin as Guru

Inter-religion marriages make a cosmic mess – hence shouldn’t be done