Ek Sattva Shri Siddharaj Dham, Nagpur

Om Nrisinh Narayanay Vidmahe, Ek Sattvaya Dheemahi, Tanno Laxmi Pataye Prachodayat

About Ek Sattva Nrisimha Narayana Dham

Ek Sattva

Ek Sattva Nrisimha Narayana Dham, Nagpur

Ek Sattva Nrisimha Narayana Dham is a spiritual place of worship in Wanadongri, Nagpur. Bhaktas having political ambitions or, daihik, daivik and bhautik problems visit in large numbers for Divya Darbar held by Mahaguru Kritakritacharya Ji Maharaj to get solutions through Vaidik Kriyas and divine of Siddharaj Narayana.

Dham has five preciding deities - Lord Narayana, Lord Shiva, Lord Hanuman and Lord Bhairav Nath with Siddha Gurus, who are established in the "Ek Sattva Vat Vriksha".

There are 100s of proofs of divinity of Dham available on social media and on this website.

Divinity of Dham is shown by Peethadheeshwar Mahaguru Kritakritacharya Ji Maharaj by foretelling all important geopolitical events across the world days, weeks, months in advance.

For token, call 09321390655

Om Nrisinh Narayanay Vidmahe, Ek Sattvaya Dheemahi, Tanno Laxmi Pataye Prachodayat

Who is His Holiness Mahaguru Kritakritacharya Ji Maharaj

Ek Sattva

Early Life of His Holiness Mahaguru Kritakritacharya Ji Maharaj

Mahaguru Ji was born in a Saryupareen Tiwari Brahmin Family in Uttar Pradesh, India.

Mahaguru Ji realised his connect with Lord Narayana at the age of 8 years, when he could know and understand things before they happen

Brahmin Parichaya

"Brahm Janeti, Sah Brahmanah"
Mahguru Ji belongs to the Rishi Parampara Brahmin Varna and has below cosmic & Vedic identity.

Ved : Samveda
Pravara : Kashyap, Asiti, Deval
Varna : Shrimukh Shandilya Brahmin
Bhed : Saryupareen Tiwari Shrotriya Brahmin
Shakha : Kauthumi
Upved : Gandharv
Shikha : Vaam (Left)
Paad : Vaam (Left)
Sootra : Gomil
Ishta Devta : Shiva
Vansh : Shrimukh Sirjam Mani (मणि) Gharana

Dhyanam - the state of meditation

From his birth itself, Mahaguru Ji used to go into a state of high spiritual meditation,.

It is during state of dhyanam, that Mahaguru Ji can establish connect with Gods & his gurus. Mahaguru Ji is in constant touch with his cosmic guides

Divine Energies - Cosmic Energies, Gana & Doota - the power of Gods

Cosmic energies are power of Gods, as has been explained in Vedas, Puranas & Mahakavyas.

Gana, Doot what are they?

Gana are the cosmic powers who do not possess a body, but have "Tribhautik" forms. Ganas are doers, and they execute orders of Gods. Dootas provide information and these too are Tribhautik entities.

Mahaguru Ji Found his Dhyan Guru - His Holiness Mahayogi Shwetashwetanand Ji Maharaj - the Cosmic Miracle

Mahaguru Ji met his Guru His Holiness Mahayogi Shwetashwetanand Ji Maharaj during a Yatra.

His Holiness Mahayogi Shwetashwetanand Ji Maharaj is a Siddha Purusha in other Loka who controls cosmic energies & Narayani Sena - an army of Gods, & Tribhautik entities. He is a practitioner of both Shwet (Satvik) and Rajasik Vidyas, and very well versed in all Vedas & Puranas..

Mahaguru Ji first met Mahayogi Ji at Trimbkeshwar Nashik. Mahayogi Ji appeared in front of Mahaguru Ji at the time of entering temple. Mahaguru Ji took his blessings, and they sat down for a talk. Mahayogi Ji reminded Mahaguru Ji and Guru Maa about their past births. Mahayogi Ji answered all the doubts Mahaguru Ji had since his childhood, and explained all the unknowns that Mahaguru Ji has been searching all his life. Mahayogi Ji explained about the Dhyanam, the cosmic energies.
Mahayogi Ji asked Mahaguru Ji to complete a Parikrama (encircling trip) of India, and by the time Mahaguru Ji will complete the Parikrama, he will have the meaning and aim of his this birth.
Mahaguru Ji immediately decided to follow the advice of Mahayogi Ji, and went on to complete a 12000kms long Parikrama of entire Bharatvarsha, covering all Jyotirlinga temples, Panchamahabhootam temples, char dham, and saptpuri in a single yatra of 2 months.

Mahayogi Ji again gave Darshan to Mahaguru Ji at Minakshi Amman Temple in South India.
Mahaguru Ji was roaming around in the town of Madurai, finding a way towards temple. It was almost closing time for the temple, and suddenly His Holiness Mahayogi Shwetashwetanand Ji Maharaj again came to the rescue, guided Mahaguru Ji to the temple.

About 40 days later, His Holiness Mahayogi Shri Shwetashwetanand Ji Maharaj Ji again met Mahaguru Ji at banks of Alaknanda in Rudraprayag, and that is where Mahayogi Ji explained to Mahaguru Ji what Gods expect him to do in this life, and gave him proper "Diksha", and strengthened the Guru Mantra which Mahaguru Ji was already using since his childhood, using his Siddhis..

Mahaguru Ji learned all Sattvik, Rajasik Vidyas, and shashtras from his guru.

Continuing the tradition from Lord Mahadev, Gurus, Rishis of "Sattva tradition" from which Sanatan Dharma originates, are all Grihastha Brahmins, and promote absolute cosmic truth in the Universe as Sanatan Dharma.

His Holiness Mahayogi Shwetashwetanand Ji Maharaj gave a new Adhyatmic name to Mahaguru Ji, Mahaguru Kritakritacharya Ji Maharaj which means the one who is Krita (who creates), and Akirta (who destroys creations) following orders of Gods.

Dawn of Mahaguru Kritakritacharya Ji Maharaj

His Holiness Mahayogi Shwetashwetanand Ji Maharaj made Mahaguru Ji leader of "Sattva Tradition" and gave him responsibility to lead the living beings out of current chaos of Adharma, and towards light of Dharma. Mahayogi left for his abode at Kailash.

Both of them continue remaining in contact through state of meditation, dhyanam. Mahayogi Shwetashwetanand Ji Maharaj keeps guiding Mahaguru Ji as and when he needs him.

Ek Sattva

Why Mahaguru?

Gurudev Shri Shwetashwetanand Ji Maharaj gave spiritual name and title to his disciple as “Kritakritacharya” – the one who is within Narayana like creation and destruction  and “Mahaguru” – one who knows Param Brahma Tattva. 

As per Shastras, a Mahaguru is one who tells about Brahm Tattva and who is above the limits of all Shastras, becoming a Shastra Vivechak and Ved Vetta. 

Kath Upnishad says, 

उत्तिष्ठत जाग्रत प्राप्य वरान्निबोधत। क्षुरस्य धारा निशिता दुरत्यया दुर्गं पथस्तत्कवयो वदन्ति॥

Translation: Arise! Awake! Approach the great and learn. Like the sharp edge of a razor, the sages say, is the path. Hard to tread and difficult to cross.

This shloka emphasizes the importance of seeking out a qualified teacher or Mahaguru to guide one’s spiritual journey. The Mahaguru is someone who has achieved a high level of knowledge and understanding and can help guide others on the path towards enlightenment. The qualities required for a Mahaguru include deep knowledge, wisdom, compassion, and a strong connection with the divine.

Mahaguru ji called so because he is well versed and dikshita in several paths & sampradayas. Below listed are current Gurus of Mahaguru Ji 

Lord Narayana - Deva Guru

At the age of 8 Narayana appeared in dream of Mahaguru Ji and gave mantra diksha. "Om Hari Hari Namah" is the divine mantra given by Narayana himself to Mahaguru Ji. Narayana diksha makes Mahaguru Ji a Vaishnava.

Lord Shiva - Deva Guru, Dhyan Guru

Few days after Narayana gave diksha to Mahaguru Ji, Lord Shiva appeared to Mahaguru Ji and gave panchakshar mantra diksha in a state of dhyanam which by now Mahaguru ji had mastered. Again Lord Shiva took form of Siddha Preta Shri Shwetashwetanand Ji Maharaj and gave physical diksha to Mahaguru Ji at the age of 28 years in Rishikesha. Shiva Diksha makes Mahaguru Ji a Shaiva.

Lord Hanuman - Deva Guru

At the age of 9, Lord Hanuman appeared in Mahavir form to Mahaguru Ji and gave "Surya Tratak" diksha, the most fierce form of Tratak practiced. This diksha made Mahaguru Ji a Siddha.

Parampoojya Sadgurudev Mahaguru Shri Shwetashwetanand Ji Maharaj

Ek Sattva Parampara is an extension of ancient Shwetashwetar Parampara of Yajurvedi Shrotriya Brahmins. Its a Sanatan Parampara and Shrotriya Gaddi of Ek Sattva Parampara has directly descended from Parampoojya Sadgurudev Mahaguru Shri Shwetashwetanand Ji Maharaj to Mahaguru Shri Kritakritacharya Ji Maharaj, after remaining dormant for over 3200 years in Sookshma Loka.

Parampoojya Sadgurudev Shri Yakshraj Ji Maharaj

Mahaguru Ji received Tantra Diksha from Parampoojyapad Sadgurudev Yaksharaj Maharaj, the King of Yakshas before Lord Kubera. All the Para Shaktis of Dham, other than Narayani Gana Sena are under control and Kripa of Sadgurudev. The Jana Kalyan in its entirety happens at all Ek Sattva Ashram exclusively through Kripa of Sadgurudev Shri Yaksharaj Ji Maharaj

Parampoojya Sadgurudev Jagatguru Puri Pithadheeshwar Nischalanand Saraswati Ji Maharaj - Diksha Guru, Adwait Vedanta Shankara Parampara

Mahaguru Ji has received Narayana diksha from 145th Shankaracharya of Puri Peeth Jagatguru Anantshri Vibhushit Shri Nischalananda Saraswati Ji Maharaj, in Advaita Shankara parampara.

Ek Sattva

Ek Sattva means There is only One God.