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Devotees in all stages should practice Brahmcharya according to their convenience. Ashram doesn’t prescribe specific type of Brahmcharya for specific devotees, it is upto devotees to choose one of 4 types of Brahmcharya or just design their own based on their convenience.

What are the views of Mahaguru Ji on self-stimulation (sexual acts of self pleasure)?

Self-stimulation is prohibited for all brahmcharis. “Bind” is the cosmic energy, the byproduct of soul that accompanies sperm in an ejaculation, so life can be injected after fertilization. When self-stimulation or ejaculation happens without any chance of it becoming life, it leads to simply loss of Tejas. 

This bind form Tejas which is helpful in raising our Kundalini energy through the combination of abiding to Guru Adesha,  Mantra Jaap, Pranayama and Yagya. Hence unnecessary (not for procreation or with your own wife) ejaculation should be avoided.