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Ek Sattva Lifestyle

Just Health Yoga is not enough for a healthy mind and healthy soul. 

At Ek Sattva Ashram, Yoga unlocked with full spiritual benefits and spiritual growth are chosen and made part of Ek Sattva Lifestyle.

Ek Sattva Lifestyle is a full fledged Spiritual Program which combines various avenues of Spiritual Growth like Mantra Jaap, full power of Yoga unlocked with health and spiritual benefits, and Hindu Mimansa guided including Yagya, Daan, Seva & modified Brahmcharya for a Grihastha lifestyle to channel your spare sexual energy to spiritual energy. 

One of its kind program in entire India.

ESL Membership

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Which Yoga exercises are included in Ek Sattva Lifestyle program?

Yog is of two types

  1. Health Yog
  2. Spiritual Yog

Health Yoga is yoga done to get just better health, it affects only body. 

While exercise remains same, when done after initiation by a Guru and coupled with Mantra chanting and other parts of the program, same Yoga starts giving spiritual benefit along with health benefits. Yog done after such initiation affects our mind, body and soul, thus rejuvenating our entire existence

Below Aasanas, Mudra & Pranayama, Dhyana exercises are included in Ek Sattva Lifestyle Program. 

Introduction to Ek Sattva Lifestyle Program

4 Stages of the Ek Sattva Lifestyle Program

5 Components of the Ek Sattva Lifestyle

All Brahmcharya stages are self controlled by every member. Member can choose to be a Stage 3 Vaishnav and follow only Stage 1 Brahmcharya. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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Note : Ek Sattva Ashram is a private place of worship and donations are not tax exempt. All donations for any Ashram services are non-refundable. No specific outcome is guaranteed on any Ashram Services and devotees should use their best of ability before making any donations or buying Ashram services. Ashram is not responsible for any Ashram services not satisfying expectations of the devotees.