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Ek Sattva Lifestyle

Just Health Yoga is not enough for a healthy mind and healthy soul. 

At Ek Sattva Ashram, Yoga unlocked with full spiritual benefits and spiritual growth are chosen and made part of Ek Sattva Lifestyle.

Ek Sattva Lifestyle is a full fledged Spiritual Program which combines various avenues of Spiritual Growth like Mantra Jaap, full power of Yoga unlocked with health and spiritual benefits, and Hindu Mimansa guided including Yagya, Daan, Seva & modified Brahmcharya for a Grihastha lifestyle to channel your spare sexual energy to spiritual energy. 

One of its kind program in entire India.

Ek Sattva Lifestyle has 4 stages. Each member can enter any stage according to their own convenience, and then self upgrade. 

  1. Maatra Vaishnava : : just do 2 maala mantra jaap daily, and do everything else according to your convenience 
  2. Naam Vaishnava
  3. Vishishta Vaishnava
  4. Ati-Vishishta Vaishnava 
  1. Mantra Jaap
  2. Yoga & Pranayam
  3. Yagya
  4. Seva
  5. Modified Brahmcharya 

Get token for Ek Sattva Lifestyle Mantra Diksha by contacting us on WhatsApp

In Diksha, you are connected with Mahaguru Ji on a video call and you get two mantras - one mahamantra, one kalyan mantra and one naam of Lord Narayana 

After Diksha, online access to the course is provided, which contains 42 lifestyle videos - explaining how to proceed with your spiritual growth, chosen Yoga & Pranayama exercises. 

You can ask a question to Mahaguru Ji in Hari Samvad. If the question is already answered for another devotee, you will be guided to its video (you can search our youtube channel), or if its new, it will be answered by Mahaguru Ji and posted on the channel. 

ESL Membership

Mantra Sthapana/Diksha at Ashram

Free Mantra Diksha Token

  • Free token for Mantra Sthapana at Ashram
  • Mantra Diksha by Mahaguru Ji
  • Access to the Video Content of Ek Sattva Lifestyle Program
  • Willing devotees can also make extra donations which helps us in advertisement of Ek Sattva Lifestyle program

Mantra Sthapana / Mantra Diksha + Dham Pooja Kit + Havan

Mantra Diksha Token, Dham Kit & Havan

By Donation
  • Online or At Ashram
  • Donate ₹2100, ₹5100, ₹11000, ₹21000, ₹51000 for Mantra Diksha based on your ability.
  • Mantra Sthapana / Mantra Diksha by Mahaguru Ji
  • Free Dham Kit (can also be sent via courier) for donations of ₹2100 and above
  • Your small contribution towards Ashram Maintenance
  • 108 Ahuti Havan done at Ashram for donation of ₹2100 and above, with Kalyan Mantra & Mahamantra
  • Access to the Video Content of Ek Sattva Lifestyle Program
  • Willing devotees can also make extra donations which helps us in advertisement of Ek Sattva Lifestyle program

Yes. Mantra Sthapana at Ashram is free and token for same is available via WhatsApp number. 

It is donations by the devotees which helps us advertise the Ek Sattva Lifestyle program and bear other expenses of Ashram. 

Devotees who make a donation are prioritised in Mantra Diksha queue based on their donations and availability of Mahaguru Ji.

Your donation amount is used to complete your mantra diksha by giving offerings to the Ishta and Guru, along with helping Ashram in propagating "Ekam Sat, Viprah Bahudha Vadanti" ideology through Ek Sattva. 

Apart from usual, Devotees who make a donation over ₹2100 also receive below :

  1. 108 ahuti hawan is done at Ashram to activate your both mantras, you can attend it via Jiomeet video call or directly at Ashram. 
  2. Ashram/Dham Pooja kit is sent to you via courier anywhere in India where delivery is available through courier partners or it can be picked up from Ashram. 

Which Yoga exercises are included in Ek Sattva Lifestyle program?

Yog is of two types

  1. Health Yog
  2. Spiritual Yog

Health Yoga is yoga done to get just better health, it affects only body. 

While exercise remains same, when done after initiation by a Guru and coupled with Mantra chanting and other parts of the program, same Yoga starts giving spiritual benefit along with health benefits. Yog done after such initiation affects our mind, body and soul, thus rejuvenating our entire existence

Below Aasanas, Mudra & Pranayama, Dhyana exercises are included in Ek Sattva Lifestyle Program. 

Introduction to Ek Sattva Lifestyle Program

4 Stages of the Ek Sattva Lifestyle Program

5 Components of the Ek Sattva Lifestyle

All Brahmcharya stages are self controlled by every member. Member can choose to be a Stage 3 Vaishnav and follow only Stage 1 Brahmcharya. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Bachelors join?

Yes, ESL Program is for all members in 18+ age group. Children less than 18 yrs of age need consent of their parents.

Can Married couples join?

Yes. Ek Sattva Lifestyle is for all humans irrespective of their marital status. Members in young age group can follow Brahmcharya of Stage 1 only and continue their spiritual journey by following rest of the components.

I already have Guru Mantra, can I join ESL?

Yes. You can continue doing your guru mantra and start doing the Naam jaap, mahamantra jaap and kalyan mantra jaap according to your convenience.

I already do Yoga, how can I benefit from ESL program?

ESL program can be added to your existing Yoga routine. Yoga Pranayam, mudra, asanas in ESL program are wholesome, and related to both health and spirituality, and maintaining a balance between two. Members are always free to add more Yoga Asanas, Mudras etc

Note : Ek Sattva Ashram is a private place of worship and donations are not tax exempt. All donations for any Ashram services are non-refundable. No specific outcome is guaranteed on any Ashram Services and devotees should use their best of ability before making any donations or buying Ashram services. Ashram is not responsible for any Ashram services not satisfying expectations of the devotees.