Ek Sattva Ashram | Shri Siddharaj Sarkar Dham | Nagpur

Mahaguru Ji says, a man should not love a woman, cohabitate with her or marry her without permission of her father.

If you are man enough to choose your partner, be a man enough to ask the father. It’s his cosmic right to choose what is right for his daughter Parents bring sons and daughters in this world not to serve cause of society, but for their ancestors.

Eloping, sleeping with a girl without knowledge of her parents is cosmic theft with severe Karmic consequences.

What you are doing today to someone’s daughter, same thing can happen with yours too. If we always behave accordingly, all these perversions will be gone at once.

Whether parents of a girl decide to give her hands to you are not, is absolutely their decision. Once they deny, get out of her life as if you never met. Don’t show your ancestors in a lower light for fun of few days. “