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Mahaguru Ji calls for reviving Hindu Charity to stop conversions, criticizes all kinds of misguided religious conversions.

In response to widespread social discussions on Hindus uniting against all kinds of religious conversions, Mahaguru Ji says the only way to stop conversions is by reviving Hindu charity. Till religious organizations are funded solely by political parties, they will toe the line of political parties and political leaders, instead of siding with country and Dharma.

Mahaguru Ji criticizes monetizing human sufferings into religious conversions by a section of society, and says there is need for Hindus to hold hands of their brothers in poverty, and create miniature local extra-governmental networks to ensure wholesome prosperity of society.

Mahaguru Ji said,”All Hindu Ashrams cannot run similar kind of wholesome economic + spiritual growth centers because Hindu charity is almost dead. Temples are in govt control, and that is where all Hindu charity goes.

Common Hindus have been indoctrinated through education system to refuse to pay to Brahmins, Maths or Ashrams, which should be doing all this.

Even when Hindus visit temples, entire temple premises is filled with boards saying don’t donate directly to Brahmins, but to temples directly, which instills question in unsuspecting minds, and ultimately they justify it with themselves, that it may be because priests, Brahmins are thieves or something.

Maths and Ashrams need money to do what church is doing in that area. Temple funds are in complete control of govts, your money in temple is actually simply an additional tax you are paying to govt, not a penny of that is going into making Hindus Sanatan again.

Education has made Hindus so much against Brahmins and Hindu religious system, that we are spending crores on mobile app based Astrology system, they will pay in thousands and lacs to an Astrologer having office, running ads in social media, but as soon they encounter a Brahmin dresses in traditional attire, they get that itch to pay him ₹21 for the same service. When such mindset exists in society, obviously the more rich religious institutions will win the war.

This also has political components. 

Politicians of a so called Hindu political party  do not give a penny worth of help to any non-VHP, non RSS Hindu religious institution. For them only thing Hindu is, that believes in the crap they peddle in the name of religion. Any extravagant Math or Ashram you will see, those are all run by VHP RSS agents, who have no social motives, but only political motives. These cannot keep society together, because they have interests beyond religion.

And what these VHP, RSS run maths and ashrams with money teach, that actually primes people for conversion, even without converting. And then they do drama of bringing people back, which again has no dharmic basis.
In all, if we want to stop  conversion, only way is to strengthen local Ashrams and Maths, which are non VHP, non RSS.
Pledge atleast 10% of your profits to local Ashrams. Just 10% .
Slowly all these free services, good schooling, jobs everything will start coming from Ashram itself.
People can only adhere to Dharma, if their economic interests are also aligned to it. Currently, jyotish/astrology is almost the only Dharma that people are performing, because they feel their economic, personal problems can get solved with Astrology. Rest of Dharma is dead.
People must get wholesome services from Ashrams and Maths, not just dharmic gyan which has almost no practical value for them in modern times.
Any non-native religion is thriving on the pain of Hindus. This pain needs to be solved by Hindus, or obviously someone will do it. If we want to stop them, we need to stop giving them opportunity for giving such help. When people have a problem, they should be having first thought, to reach their nearby Ashrams and Maths, and not banks, not govt, not any Shakha. Only then there will be some hope to preserve Sanatan in this country.