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Mahaguru Ji says any govt action on religious leaders for their mere views is wrong, unlawful and unconstitutional, irrespective of religion and political view of the religious leader

Mahaguru Ji said,”Nations are bound by religions. Religion is not bound by nation. Nations will come and go, religions, ideas, thoughts are always going to stay in one form or the other. Any action against Dharma Sansad participants is against humanity, and even constitutional right to practice, propagate religion of choice.”

Mahaguru Ji added that, “There is no godman apart from adherents of Christianity, who is not controversial in a constitutional biblical democracy.”

Mahaguru Ji further explained, “Religious leaders should NOT be subject to constitutional criminal proceedings for using freedom of speech and religion. We will not evolve if we keep gagging religion, religious leaders, and thinkers in our society. Maintaining status quo should never be goal. Even for Rakshasi Religious leaders who don bhagwa, they have every right to put their thoughts, howsoever crappy they are. War of thoughts is the most dignified one. Let the one chosen by cosmos win. I strongly oppose FIRs on either Dharma Sansad attendees of UK or CG. It is no business of a non interested party to attend a religious event. Religious leaders, if they will not preach their religion, then what?

Constitution is based on Bible. If everyone starts speaking what is there in Bible, then where is freedom of religion? Rakshasi, Daitya, Mlechchha, Sanatan all kinds of religious leaders should be allowed to put their concepts, thoughts and teachings in public.

If any member of Public doesn’t want to connect with a particular religious leader, they always have freedom to not listen to them. But criminal proceedings for putting forward a view is wrong, unlawful, over exaggeration and misuse of govt machinery.

Center and specially Home Ministry should intervene in all such cases. Be it Hindu, Muslim, Jain, Buddhist or even Christian religious leaders, we all should be allowed with full freedom to express, practice, propagate our religion as cosmos decide without govt intervention. ”


Mahaguru Ji further added,” Amit Shah Ji should immediately cancel FIRs filed against Saints who participated in Dharma Sansads. I have difference of opinion against all of those, but it is simply wrong to gag ideas from flowing. No person is bigger than future of mankind. #FreeOurFreedom “