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Mahaguru Ji reiterated need for all Hindus to perform Sandhya

Mahaguru Ji said, “Those brahmin borns who do not have their Sanskars done on time, or those who do not perform Sandhya as expected from them, they are Shudra Brahmins. To perform Shuddhikaran,they can do penance by submitting to a Guru,learning their part of Vedas,and following Dharmic lifestyle.

If you do not have the ability to perform Sandhya due to modern job or something

1. Wear Janeu

2. Don a small tilak, use chandan, haldi if a visible tilak is a problem for your job

3. Take 10 mins break every 4 hours during your day. Go to a quite room, chant Gayatri & then do “Om Hari Hari” Jaap 11, 21, 51, 108 times whichever is feasible. If possible offer water, agni to the Gods.

4. Atleast on weekends and in evenings perform proper Sandhya


Not only for Brahmins, Sandhya is recommended for all Dwijas. Even Dharmic Shudras too can perform Sandhya with just “Hari Hari” Jaap 3-5 times a day. Prabhu/God is for everybody. There is no discrimination in Bhakti. Only methodology for everyone is defined by Rishis.


There is no restriction for anyone to do “Naam Jap”.

Hari Hari

Ram Ram

Krishna Krishna

Radhe Radhe

Namah shivaay, namah shivaay

These Jaap can be done by all Hindus irrespective of their Jati or Varna.


A Human is an animal by birth. By doing Sandhya once during day, he becomes an aware “Manushya, Manav”. By doing Sandhya twice a day, he becomes knowledgeable “Yaksha” By doing Sandhya three times a day for his entire life,he becomes enlightened,attains the Gati of “Gods”