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I am a Brahmin born, should I do Sadhana without being accepted by a Guru?

I am a Brahmin born, should I do Sadhana without being accepted by a Guru? As a Brahmin born, the only motive of your birth is to proceed further in your spiritual journey by doing Lord Narayana’s upasana. If you are born from a Brahmin father, even before your Ishta guides you to a guru, […]

What to wear during Sadhana & Upasana?

Like food and sleep, your clothing too matters while you are trying to connect with Gods as a Saadhak or Upaasak. A Sadhaka is supposed to wear clothings, which have least components of Maya. Best clothing for any Saadhaka, male or female is – no cloth during the period when Mantra chanting is being done. […]

किस देवता की साधना करें?

वैसे तो ब्रह्मांड में भगवान श्री हरि के अतिरिक्त अन्य कोई साधना और भक्ति देने के योग्य नहीं है, लेकिन अन्य सभी देवी देवता, भगवान श्रीमन्नारायण के अंग देवता हैं, अर्थात, उनकी अनुकूलता प्राप्त करने से भगवान श्री हरि के चरण कमलों की प्राप्ति जीव को शीघ्र ही हो जाती है यदि आपका जन्म ब्राह्मण […]

Asana Sadhana – Preparatory Step and Very Important

Asana (sitting posture, matt) Siddhi is most important before a jeeva is able to do any sadhana. To get asana siddhi, jeeva needs to obtain siddhi on his sitting mat first. If a jeeva does not have siddhi on their Asana, then they cannot complete any sadhana successfully. Therefore, before starting sadhana of any siddha […]

Mala Sanskar – Do this with your Japa Mala

Not every rosary can be used for Sadhana or Upasana. It is recommended to give daan to your guru, and ask him to do praan pratishtha of your mala. If guru doesn’t know procedure, you can share the below procedure with them. First point to note, we are giving this information here for “cheap” sadhakas, […]

Sleep Patterns During Sadhana : Do’s and Don’ts

While books blabber a lot of idiotic stuff, and all sadhaka gurus talk about things that deter people from sadhana, there is actually a gradual progression of changes in sleep patterns of the sadhaka. Debunking Misconceptions : Getting up in brahm muhurta is absolutely not important. As your sadhana will progress, you will automatically find […]

Food During Sadhana

Mere upasakas need not follow the yama, niyama explained here, this is for Brahmin Sadhakas. While doing sadhana, everything is about negating Maya. When you try to make contact with the Gods, it is not sufficient that you simply believe in their existence, but you have to show it as well, very physically. Therefore, there […]

Understanding Sadhana, Upasana

Sadhana and upasana is different from usual concept of Pooja, as is practiced by an uninitiated household. First step of any sadhana or upasana, is getting a guru diksha. Every Hindu dwija, must always get a guru diksha. A Hindu dwija, without guru diksha is a pashu, nothing more, irrespective of what he thinks of […]