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Mere upasakas need not follow the yama, niyama explained here, this is for Brahmin Sadhakas.

While doing sadhana, everything is about negating Maya. When you try to make contact with the Gods, it is not sufficient that you simply believe in their existence, but you have to show it as well, very physically.

Therefore, there are many measures to be taken to please Gods.

While the most desirable is that jeevas completely ditches all usage of food and water. But always remember, that there is a chance of death if so is done from second to 4th day, specifically if you do not have a guru, who is cosmically powerful enough. This is a sure shot way to get pratyaksheekaran, in “few attempts”. For those who do it, remember that you have to use less water as well, so no toilets, least usage of bathroom, keep your asan on chatai itself, as you will fall unconscious many a times. Anytime sadhaka falls unconscious, they can just begin again as soon as they gain consciousness.

But in the beginning, a Sadhaka should progress only gradually.

  1. You cannot eat food cooked by somebody else.
  2. You should not be spending too much time in upkeep of your body. So that you can concentrate more on your sadhana.
  3. You can eat – Litti chokha is best. You can add daal.
  4. No consumption of rice, or outside cooked food, at all! No roti. nothing fancy. No lahsun pyaj.
  5. Whatever you cook, offer it first to Gods, and whatever you offer to Gods, keep it outside, away from sight of humans, so the “Gods will really come and consume it”, as your sadhana gains some power.
  6. A Sadhaka should eat only once in a day, preferably after Suryast (sun set)
  7. Drink minimum water – 1-2 liter a day of water  during summers is sufficient. During winters and rainy season, even less should be consumed.

During tamasik sadhana, panch makar is consumed. Procedure for same is not being given, as Brahmins are not supposed to follow the Kaula Marg.

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