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Asana (sitting posture, matt) Siddhi is most important before a jeeva is able to do any sadhana.

To get asana siddhi, jeeva needs to obtain siddhi on his sitting mat first.

If a jeeva does not have siddhi on their Asana, then they cannot complete any sadhana successfully.

Therefore, before starting sadhana of any siddha mantra, first step is doing sadhana on Guru Mantra and Ishta Mantra, and many primary beeja mantras, to obtain siddhi on the Asana.

How to do it?

  1. Asana Shuddhi  -Asana Shuddhi mantras will be provided on this site in every sadhana procedure. This needs to be done every day.
  2. Choose a Kusha asana, Vaagh Charma Asana, or a Red wooly asana as your asana.
  3. Remember as a sadhaka, your asana and your rosary are the only important possessions for your existence.
  4. Never wash your asana throughout your entire life, unless it gets really very dirty.
  5. Always pray to your asana, and handle it with utmost respect

What is desired outcome :

  1. In the beginning as you do Guru Mantra sadhana, your asana will test you.
  2. You will feel urge to urinate almost every hour while doing sadhana and you have to follow through your desires in first few purashcharanas
  3. After about 5-10 purashcharana, slowly your asana will start creating its own aura, and you will be able to suspend the Maya while being seated on your asana
  4. Remember, your asana has immense power, once you become a siddha. Forget about using any Gods or a Para shakti or a Mantra, any sentence said by a siddha while being seated on his siddha asana, can bring desired outcome of any proportion.
  5. As a sadhaka obtains asana siddhi, he will be able to remain seated, at same place, in same posture for 5 hours to 22 hours or more, depending on his spiritual status.
  6. A Sadhaka should always test himself to increase the duration of asana.
  7. Always remember that the moment, you put your rosary down, asana breaks, and then sadhaka again becomes part of Maya, and may end up urinating within 1-2 minutes of breaking asana. So plan your steps post sadhana accordingly.

Posture comments :

  1. It is preferrable to sit in sukhasan – any posture that you can hold for longest period of time.
  2. As a sadhaka, it is desireable to sit in same posture for entire duration of asana, but it is not always possible, specifically if you realised sadhana methods late in your age.
  3. Sadhakas should teach their children to practice various yoga sitting postures from 5 years of age, so they can master it. And in next birth in same kula or in hindu samaj, sadhaka can have better chance at interacting with their Ishta. Sadhakas should also try to send their children to veda pathshalas or traditional gurukuls where they make children sit in yogic postures than on tables as in modern schools, which break the human’s ability to maintain posture during sadhana.

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