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I am a Brahmin born, should I do Sadhana without being accepted by a Guru?

As a Brahmin born, the only motive of your birth is to proceed further in your spiritual journey by doing Lord Narayana’s upasana.

If you are born from a Brahmin father, even before your Ishta guides you to a guru, you should start doing sadhanas on your own.

A Jeeva born to a brahmin father should begin doing their sadhana as soon as they come to know about Sadhana path – as that means their calling has arrived.

We have given Sadhana path for both who are Mumukshu, i.e. want to attain Moksha, and for those who want to become a Siddha – a brahma shakti after their death and govern this world.

As a brahmin born, you should first begin with Ishta mantra sadhanas, as soon as you learn about sadhana path.

Do not expect any anubhav, do not expect anything in return, simply go on doing purashcharan after purashcaran till your Ishta guides you to right guru. Once you have accumulated enough Karma, to lead to next stage of Sadhana, Ishta will automatically connect you with the right Guru who is best for spiritual stage that you are in.


NEVER search for a guru, NEVER drool on seeing big siddhas and trying to find some shortcut way to directly become their Shishya. Concentrate on your Sadhana of Ishta, as it is the job of Ishta to connect you with his Energy in Maya that is with the gurus.

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