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Like food and sleep, your clothing too matters while you are trying to connect with Gods as a Saadhak or Upaasak.

A Sadhaka is supposed to wear clothings, which have least components of Maya.

Best clothing for any Saadhaka, male or female is – no cloth during the period when Mantra chanting is being done.

But it is not possible to go by that standard, if you do not have a place with no prying eyes of today’s idiotic human society which under the influence of Asuri Gods, has lost all sense of mind.

So what to wear?

Only thing allow is –  A single piece of clothing, unstitched.

Cultural idiocy does not work while you are doing sadhana, or stick to a wastage of spiritual journey that is current lifestyle in Maya, instead of doing fruitless Sadhana.

Males should ties the cloth only around their waist, no undergarments or anything if using something akin to lungi, or even better alternative is, a Langot, that is loin cloth.

If wearing a cloth, color of the cloth also matters.

While red colored cloth works for most/all Gods, wearing a color that your Ishta likes, certainly gives better fruits.

Bhairava Sadhana – Black

Narayana Sadhana – yellow/red

Devi Sadhana  – mostly red

Baglamukhi Sadhana – yellow

Ganpati Sadhana – yellow/red

Saraswati Sadhana – white

Brahm/Guru Sadhana – white


Even in your day to day life, wearing the color of your Ishta will give you overall beneficial and pleasant stay in Maya, if you are submitted to your Ishta.

NEVER use a blue clothing, as Hindu Gods become very angry on seeing blue color, because the color belongs to Param Brahma Lord Narayana, and no Hindu soul in the entire Universe, except Goddess Neel Saraswati, likes any useless jeeva like a sadhaka, or an even worse jeeva don anything blue. Always keep away from all things blue if you want to gain any kripa of any Hindu Gods.

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