Ek Sattva Shri Siddharaj Dham, Nagpur

Moksha / Salvation for non Hindus only by taking a Hindu Brahmin as Guru

Non-Hindus can enter Moksha cycle by taking a Hindu brahmin as their Guru, and changing their prayer methods to that of a Hindu. In such case, no Varna or jati needs to be assigned unless the person’s ancestors Varna jati is known. By extension, all non-Hindus i.e. Mlechchhas are Chandrawanshi Kshatriyas.

Inter-religion marriages make a cosmic mess – hence shouldn’t be done

A Hindu born woman marrying a non-Hindu man gets stuck post life as there is no gati planned by Universe for such souls. They can be born again only after full destruction which takes place some time every 12000 yrs. At the same time, a non Hindu born marrying a Hindu, enters Moksha cycle, which […]

What we understand as physicality is all illusion

What we understand as physicality is all illusion. We are playing our character in a game,forced by Karma & Karmfala. Every character must do the job assigned to them based on their birth or face punishment,it’s as simple as that and something most modern humans can comprehend