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Whether you are doing a basic sadhana, or doing a mere upasana, guru is very important to witness any success in your sadhana.

While it is true, that any mantra jaap done is never going to go waste, but if you want to get any physical experience, which is very important simply to continue the sadhana, and not lose patience, its important that every jeeva chooses a guru.

Why Guru :

  1. When you take permission to chant a mantra from guru, or accept a guru, immediately you are connected to the guru traditions, most of which have origins either in Lord Narayana himself or in Lord Shiva or Devi.
  2. Becoming part of the guru tradition tree means, when you do your first jaap, that is not the first time that mantra you are doing has been chanted, but its the nth time that the jaapa is being done. You are simply continuing the jaap that has been left by your guru, or gurus before him, thus adding to the cosmic energy which already exists.
  3. This cosmic principle ensures that you get more fala for your jaapa, than while doing standalone japa.
  4. It is simply impossible to get any fala out of any japa, during this lifetime, if jeeva does not accept a guru.

Searching for a Guru

  • A Jeeva should never search for a guru, that is point number 1.
  • If you search for a guru, you will obviously be guided by few idiots who have described qualities of a guru, while in cosmic reality, a jeeva is completely unable to choose his guru. Because if a jeeva has that understanding to judge the other jeeva to be superior than him, that means he has already attained the state of that person, whom he is choosing as his guru, so he has nothing to learn from that jeeva. He already has realisation of all that the other jeeva can teach or give him.
  • To get a guru, a jeeva should first, for 3-12 years, do regular jaap of the Lord Narayana mantra, 16 rosary (mala) per day.
  • Lord Narayana will automatically guide such jeevas to a physical guru, with whom jeeva will have connect of many lifetimes (which is otherwise impossible to find).
  • Before reaching to a conclusion always know, your guru will always be at a higher spiritual pedestal than yourself. That means, he will of a higher Varna, Jati hierarchy than you, under all circumstances. There is no application of logic or mind in surrendering to a right guru. If a jeeva takes a guru who is of lower Varna or Jati than the jeeva himself, then he is just repeating the cycle that he has already overcome in his past lives, as jeevas who are at lower spiritual pedestal than you, can certainly never provide anything of substance in spiritual realm.

Surrendering to Guru:

  • After accepting a guru, next thing is surrendering to your Guru.
  • Surrender should be without any question.
  • You should be ready to do whatever your guru asks.
  • If your guru asks to do things that is against your pravritti, that means you got stuck with a wrong guru vis a vis your spiritual status, either lower or higher.
  • Always know, you are in Maya, and anything you know or understand about cosmos, probably holds zero value in spiritual realm. So there may be things disclosed or demanded by your guru, that will not feel normal according to laws that govern Maya, even available written materials, but in order to overcome Maya, that is to walk the path of spirituality, many steps that negate Maya are required to be done, and not merely understood.

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