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According to scriptures and beliefs, to do metaphysical research or claim for things beyond what is already there in scriptures and for your words to hold any value you need two things :

  1. You must be born in a “Shrotriya” brahmin family
  2. You must already have knowledge of existing setup
  3. You must have taken established Gurus in the paths you choose

I was born in a Saryupareen Brahmin family. Saryupareen means Sarvariya – that those who are the highest of all brahmins. Among Saryupareens there is a cosmically recognised hierarchy structure of brahmins – in that I am brahmin of 3 highest Kulas. Among the 3 highest Kulas of Garg Shukla brahmins, Gautam Mishra Brahmins and Shandilya Shrimukha Tiwari brahmins, those who understand cosmic structure proclaim Shandilya brahmins to be the top among three as he was born from Yagya fire long after world order was already established. Though Shandilyas  ask their cosmic in-laws Garga Shukla as top brahmins,  Guru Gautam to occupy the second place and place themselves on third pedestal among three top Kulas.

After being from the Shandilya kula, I am a panktipawan Brahmin. In the saryupareens there are three kinds of Brahmins – the most pious among them are the Panktipawan Brahmins. I have that cosmic signature as well.

Then I belong to the gem of Shandilya clans, who are called “Sirjam Mani Gharana”.

Birth is considered the foremost signature of the Karma a soul performed in its earlier life, which every Guru in Sanatan Dharma will agree to. He who doesn’t is rejecting the theory of Karma itself.

Such a cosmic  birth gives me full cosmic right to research and comment on anything related to Sanatan Dharma even if I know just the “Aum” of the Hindu Dharma.


I have studied Shastras from my grandfather who received it from his father. I sit on a cosmic pedestal (called Gaddi popularly) of cosmic manipulation which has been continuing since the beginning of my Kula, millions of years ago.

I have my dhyan Guru as Parampoojyapad Sadgurudev Shvetashwetanand Ji Maharaj who is established as Siddha Preta in other Loka, Gyan & Diksha guru as 145th Shankaracharya of Govardhan Peeth, Parampoojya Nischhalanand Saraswati Ji Maharaj and have my Tantra guru as Dev Shakti Parampoojya Sadgurudev Hathivan Ji Maharaj who is actually in the metaphysical Loka. Apart from that I have received deva diksha from Lord Narayana , Lord Mahadev and Lord Hanuman.


And in same way, for those who believe in science, to do a scientific query, one must possess a degree in science. I have studied science through modern education and went on to become a Medical doctor. I have learnt scientific scrutiny from a system established through 400 yr old colonial process. Modern education blocks certain centers of brain which can perceive the divine presence, but still I went ahead as ordered by my inner voice and took a degree in science. Cause validation by either community can only be accepted by one of their own. Also questions, worries and real issues can only be understood by someone belonging to the community.

Therefore I am able to understand concerns of the modern scientific community and can call a bullshit a bullshit by either side. Any claims I make though, can be considered true by one side, false by other, but for most things wherever possible, I will try to give proof to person who is ready to sign waivers of life.

For the scientific community, because of our logical thought process, we cannot perceive presence of other worldly beings around us, but its a reversible & time consuming process. Those who have taken modern education and still want to have divine experience are all welcome to join their life journeys with me. It may take 10 yrs or 40 yrs, but ultimately you will end your life path knowing, experiencing the truth, that is my guarantee.

Metaphysical science is beyond religion and modern science both. Religion is about beliefs, science is about proof but metaphysical science is about experience. So while researching on metaphysical science either side need to choose a person and experience the other side. Religious side doesn’t need to participate in this, as I already represent them, but scientific people are most welcome to join the journey.


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