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Games or a movie or a serial is the ultimate and true depiction of life. There is a person or group of persons who know it all. – God & the Gods There are characters who are paid money or tokens to do things – us souls are the characters and Karma is our cash. And the real lives gamers and the celebrities have apart from reels is our actual existence beyond this life. Everything in this Universe is created based on a template. We can only imagine or see, what HE has already created.

Again exactly like a game or movie or series. You cannot play beyond what game developer has created and you cannot see the parts which movie producer has not yet produced exactly like we are not going to exist a second beyond what he has planned..
You get only tools and weapons according to tokens or coins you have, same as our resources in life are limited to our bank balance of Karma that we are born with, that we earn in day to day life. Or same as without ticket you either cannot enter theatre, or will get thrown out.
You cannot use weapons and tools what you have not bought or earned through your coins, same way as we are poor, rich, according to our karma balance of past life (Sanchit Karma) and our ongoing Karma (Kriyaman Karma)
There are cheat codes, some are deliberately popularised by game developer to put more entertainment and to help gamers, same way as we have Veda Mantras, Karmkand, prayers, temples. Same way as sometimes these movie producers deliberately release a bad print of movies online just to increase audience interests about what is on the other side. And then there are unique cheat codes, which only people from the company know, that is called an AVATAR. Same as cuts and edits of a movie or serial, beyond public release which only production company has access to. I have summerised the creation as every sane human can see right in front of them, while they are in this life. The truth is exactly same, which humans can find only after they leave this body.

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