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It is possible to take guru diksha from your guru, without guru knowing you at all, while it is not desirable, but can certainly be done.

You can connect yourself with the energy of any brahmin guru, simply by surrendering to him, that is how cosmos is designed.

It is not just possible, but almost always happens that gurus or the organizations they run, becomes demanding of a shishya, specifically of monetary things, or time. And many a times, because of lower spiritual status, as a shishya you are not ready to share your Maya with your guru, your surrender to your guru is still incomplete.

In that case, it can mess up your mind, and you may end up distancing yourself, from even the most perfect gurus, failing their test.

For such reasons, if your mind is still in a “petty” state, it is recommended to take Anonymous Diksha first.

Procedure for anonymous diksha :

  1. Bring flowers, bhoga. Install photo of your guru, and your Ishta. Always know that Ishta of your guru is your Ishta, you cannot have seperate Ishta than your guru, otherwise you have chosen wrong jeeva as your guru.
  2. Take sankalpa that you take said brahmin as your Guru and want to connect your energy with his guru tradition, and thus want “Anumati” / permission of the Ishta to do so.
  3. Bow down to the guru, and give the bhoga, flower.
  4. Collect all material and do the visarjan in nearby river.

After anonymous diksha :

  1. Anytime you start a sadhana or upasana, anonymously send whatever amount you can pay to any publicly available donation method of your guru. You can send anything from mere INR 101 to whatever amount you think is good for you. Giving daan/donation to your guru is the only service you as a Grihastha, are expected to do for guru to remain connected with his energy.
  2. If a daan to guru is not made before doing an upasana, such upasana does not give any fala.
  3. Taking non-brahmin gurus makes sadhana paishachik, so it should never be tried.
  4. Try donation anything from 1% to 10% or more of your monthly earnings to the institution run by your guru. Depending on your spiritual state, how much understanding of Maya you have developed, you will slowly progress from donating lesser to more, to everything as you progress on your spiritual journey.
  5. Always know, everything including your own jeeva, belongs to your Ishta and your guru. And that is the supreme state that spirituality provides. In the beginning you have to let go of material possessions willingly, but as you will progress on your sadhana, this will become more “sahaja”, more subtle, and without creating any hustles in your mind.

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