Ek Sattva Ashram | Shri Siddharaj Sarkar Dham | Nagpur

Ek Sattva tradition is a tradition of Shrotriya Brahmins.

A Jeeva born in certain Brahmin Kula only is authorised by cosmos to copy our worship methods to do Sadhana. Upasana using same method can be done by all jeevas. Depending on spiritual status of the jeeva, purely determined by their birth, jeevas will get different fala following same worship methods.

Below Jatis and gotra combination are considered Shrotriya by Ek Sattva tradition. 1

  1. Atri Gotra Ojha Brahmins
  2. Garg Gotra Shukla Brahmins
  3. Gautam Gotra Mishra Brahmins
  4. Shandilya Gotra Tiwari/Tripathi Brahmins

Above jatis are allowed to follow procedures given by Ek Sattva tradition and do their sadhana. Rest all jeevas should follow the procedures only as Upasana, unless they are happy with landing in Pishacha loka, which obviously we do not care about.

Irrespective of a jeeva’s birth, they should never attempt any sadhana without getting accepted by a qualified Guru. Jeevas who want to do sadhana under Mahaguru Ji can contact Ashram or follow the procedure of anonymous diksha to connect with energy of Mahaguru Ji.

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