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While we have provided full procedure of sadhana on this website, it is only for usage by Male jeevas, born from Brahmin father and brahmin mother, in a Shrotriya Brahmin Kula.

Jeeva who are not brahmin born, if they do sadhana, they will in 100% cases, enter Pishacha loka.

All jeevas since the beginning of time, who mistakenly found procedures of sadhana, and did it, got pratyaksheekaran of the deity, are currently in the Pishacha lokas.

Being in pishacha loka, is a punishment, and is a very similar gati like that of a Mlechchha. Following the cosmic laws, is what separates a Hindu jeeva from a Mlechchha jeeva.

If a non-brahmin born jeeva does sadhana, they actually reverse their spiritual journey, and get stuck in the sookshma loka, as has been the experience of our guru tradition with various Para Shaktis including many who claimed to be guru, without being born from a brahmin father.

Cosmic law is that non-brahmin borns, should first do upasana, and elevate their jeeva through many births, into one of Brahmin jatis, and start sadhana there. A jeeva gets 4 births as Brahmin before entering next cycle of births and deaths as lower jeevas, to complete their sadhanas depending on their spiritual journey.

Since the cosmic law remains same, and a jeeva has no control on where he is born, cosmic laws do not do injustice to any jeeva, which is very logical. Some idiots who come to think otherwise, are at very bottom of their spiritual journey, and nothing can be done about them.

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