Ek Sattva Ashram | Shri Siddharaj Sarkar Dham | Nagpur

Continuation of life is responsibility of every human. And in order to be continuous, we need not only our Sattva, but Sattva of other beings to be healthy as well.

Every human needs to start doing their bit, in living a carbon neutral life, so we can really be the change.

Everyone of us need to promote a carbon negative lifestyle among our peers, among our society in order to see a visible change within next few years.

Ek Sattva is bringing you the opportunity to offset the carbon load of your daily living.

Now you can donate to Ek Sattva to plant a tree in your name and ensure its survival.

You can calculate carbon footprint of your life using below table and decide how many trees you need to plant every month, every day or every year to ensure that your life remains carbon neutral.

We need to bring in few modifications in our life, give more time to spiritual happiness than physical happiness, because we have limited land even to plant trees.

Donate anything and all you can to ensure that your life contributed net Zero, or a negative carbon value to cosmos

One Tree can be planted via Ek Sattva at just ₹1499/- .

Why use Ek Sattva to erase your carbon footprint?

  1. Trusted service by a religious organization, under a trusted head.
  2. Plantation is mostly done within Ashram premises, to ensure its proper upkeep. Bulk plantation drives are also conducted by organization including air seeding.
  3. Calculate your exact carbon footprint and how many trees you can plant, and make your contribution accordingly.
  4. Tree planted with your money bears your name.
  5. In case sapling or seed planted doesn’t grow or dies within first year, a new sapling/seed is planted for you.
  6. If a fruit bearing plant is planted in your name, you can anytime get appointment from Ashram once trees grows up and starts bearing fruit, and consume the fruits of your investment. Taking away of fruits is not allowed, and in order to manage and ensure sanctity of procedure, one visit per year is allowed depending on slot availability at Ashrams.

1 Tree can fix 21 Kg of CO2 in a year. You can calculate your usage from below calculator and accordingly click below button to pay for Plantation.

If you have money, use it for right purposes.

We also take plantation drives on behalf of political parties and businesses.

We also take plantation drives on behalf of political parties and businesses.

Item Carbon Footprint – CO2 Emission
1 Tree -21 Kg/Year
1 Unit of Grid Electricity 1 Kg
20 Unit of Solar Electricity 1 Kg
1 GB Data 3 Kg
Cotton Clothing 3 Kg
1 Lit Diesel 2.62 Kg
1 Lit Petrol 2.39 Kg
Mobile Phone 1000 Kgs/Year on avg usage for calls, gaming, videos etc
100 GB Data on Cloud 200 Kgs/Year
Beef – per KG 36 Kg
Chicken – per KG 9 Kg
Vegetarian Diet of avg person 1700 Kg per year
Non Vegetarian Diet of Avg Person 2500 Kg per year
A Gasoline Car 24000 Kg (24 ton) in its 15 yrs life – 5520Kg in manufacturing of car
A Battery Electric Car 18000 Kg (18 ton) in its 15 yrs life – 8100 Kg in manufacturing of car
Video Watching 1 Kg / 20 hours

Calculate your usage and then buy tree plantation products or subscriptions from below