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Mahaguru Shri Kritakritacharya Ji Maharaj

100s of World events foretold in past 26 years

Mahaguru has foretold almost every world event days, weeks, months, years in advance in past 26 years. Proof of all events is available on social media, Twitter, Youtube, facebook. 

Check some examples here and view full list with social media proofs of every event by clicking below buttons.

Mahaguru Ji has informed on 1st August 2019 itself that an epidemic can be seen in very recent future.

Mahaguru Ji told about COVID 6 months before first case detection

Mahaguru had foretold about plane crash happening in June 2019, 6 hours before it happened.

A Plane Crash

Mahaguru Ji had accurately foretold Jharkhand results 1 month before election results were announced.

Jharkhand 2019 Results

Mahaguru Ji had accurately foretold Maharashtra election results 3 month before election results were announced.

Maharashtra 2019 Results

Mahaguru Ji had foretold about an altercation happening with china 15 days before Galwan Incidence.

Galwan Incidence August 2020

Mahaguru Ji had foretold 30 days before MP govt was changed when Scindia Ji migrated to BJP that govt is going to be changed.

MP Govt change in March 2020

Mahaguru Ji had foretold about Tamilnadu elections results 2 years before elections that DMK govt will be formed in Tamilnadu.

Tamilnadu Assembly Elections 2021

Mahaguru Ji had foretold about upcoming govt change in Maharashtra 6 months before govt was changed. Mahaguru Ji had also foretold that it will be done by Mr Eknath Shinde, current CM of Maharashtra.

Maharashtra govt change June 2022

Mahaguru Ji had foretold before voting that Goa will see return of BJP govt, and had also foretold exact number of seats BJP and congress will get.

Goa elections 2022

Mahaguru Ji had foretold 4 months before Punjab elections that AAP will form govt in Punjab, and congratulated current CM of Punjab, Mr Bhagwant Singh Mann 1 month before elections, and 2 months before results.

Punjab elections 2022

Mahaguru Ji had foretold about upcoming Russia war 3 years in advance. And confirmed that time for war has come, 3 months before war started.

Russia War 2022

Darbar everyday except Wednesdays and Sundays 6 PM onwards at Ashram

Arrive at Ashram by 6 PM when Ashram opens.
Paid tokens can also be taken at Ashram and they have separate queue.

Ashram is located at Wanadongri, Nagpur. Maharashtra, India.

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What are charges for token?

How much time devotees get with Mahaguru Ji?

One of Vedic Paramparas

Do devotees need to pay for anything at Ashram?

Om Namo Narayanaya

Economy of the Ashram

Om Namo Narayana

For Love Affair Queries

Not All love affair queries are entertained at Ashram. Ensure below conditions are met if you are getting token for Love affair queries. There is fine for misusing Ashram services to ask about love affairs or extramarital affairs.

Om Namo Narayana

Frequently Asked Questions

Ashram is located at Wanadongri, Nagpur, Maharashtra. 

Contact on WhatsApp to get exact Google Maps link to arrive at Ashram. 

You can get token by contacting on WhatsApp.

Darbar Token is free. 

Free tokens can be upgraded to VIP tokens at Ashram or at the time of getting a token. 

No kind of token guarantees a specific result.

Ashram is open for general public only for those having valid token.

Ashram is open for General public on All days except wednesdays and sundays, from 6PM onwards. Ashram closes as soon as Mahaguru Ji leaves. 

Mahaguru Ji starts listening to queries at around 6-7PM  till last devotee or 11PM whichever is earlier. 

All devotees should reach Ashram maximum by 6PM and wait for their turn. 

You can ask any question about you. Questions about third party are not answered. 

No. Love affair queries are entertained by Ashram only in below situation

  1. Must be accompanied by parents of both boy and girl 
  2. Boy and girl should be 25 yrs + of age 

In case of lying by any devotee, a fine of ₹10,000 is imposed for wasting time of Ashram. 

Token for Consultation on Call is ₹11,000 . You can get token by contacting on WhatsApp. 

VIP tokens are available at Ashram at ₹2100, ₹5100, ₹11,000 to skip free token queue . VIP tokens can only be obtained as an upgrade directly at Ashram. First obtain a free token and be present at Ashram on the date for which token has been issued. 

Ashram or Mahaguru Ji don't claim to do any miracles. No miracles can be done by any normal human. Only Gods and Karak Koti souls of Saints and Mahatmas do miracles who are declared so posthumously after viewing their entire life as a unit. 

Terms of Service: 

All Ashram services are predictive in nature based on Hindu scriptures and do not aim to guarantee any specific outcome from any suggested remedies, yagya, rudraksha, ratna etc. Past predictions coming true does not guarantee that future predictions will also hold true. No specific outcome is guaranteed out of any consultation or ask a question service. Ashram does not enforce any devotee to do any specific remedy. Devotees should use application of their mind before paying for any and all services of Ashram, and refrain from taking any service which they do not believe in. 

All services, donations are non refundable. 

Ashram is a private place of worship and not a public property and entry is restricted for public through token only. All tokens can be cancelled or postponed anytime at sole decision of the Ashram and management. 

Maintain cleanliness at Ashram. Throwing garbage, spitting, eating food items etc within Ashram premises attracts fine of ₹1000. 

Devotees are requested to be properly dressed in Indian cultural or formal attire as they are meeting a religious guru and not going to a party. Improperly dressed individual’s token can be cancelled by Ashram. 

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