Ek Sattva Kram Diksha Membership Monthly



Ek Sattva Kram Diksha Membership Monthly

INR3100 for kit + INR2100 monthly donation

Membership benefits :
✅ Get “Kram Diksha Kit” via courier at your home
✅ Ask one question per month directly to Mahaguru Ji via our ticket & token system, and access our knowledgebase having answers to varied topics of hyper-spiritual, pratyaksha upasana of Shaktis
✅Made for educated people, to slowly elevate their consciousness to feel the powers beyond our realms
✅ Exclusive access to social media contents not visible otherwise to general public for hyper-spiritual growths and experiences.
✅ Get connected to membership forums after 18 months of membership, to display your skills, your products, your services etc to like minded, funded consumers and make new connections
✅ Get opportunity to join 11 day Upasana Session hosted at Ashram and do Upasana with Mahaguru Ji minimum once every year
➡️ What can members do in Ek Sattva Membership forums – not for frauds, poor quality products or any kind of HYIP schemes which can harm our members
✅ New Jobs – have a hireable skill, use various connection channels and Ashram upasana gatherings to showcase your skills to potential recruiters
✅ New sales – got a good product? share its benefits with the community and attract new sales
✅ Relationships & New Beginnings : start new journey of friendship with people who are more evolved than the rest, at similar spiritual level as you
✅ Marriages – find the right guy in our gatherings and take it to next level with like minded people
➡️ What are benefits of Upasana for the regular person?
✅ Upasana is Yoga + high energy mantra chanting following specific methods and rituals of the Guru Parampara, to elevate our being, our existence
✅ Every devotee has their own comfort level decided, no competition, no pressure
✅ First 18 months every devotee is free to program his own Upasana and slowly understand, experience how Upasana is done
✅ Do at home Upasana, kit with all information is sent directly via courier
✅ Boost your confidence through energy of Mantra
✅ Apsara Upasana gives immense benefits as mentioned in Agama Shastras like making person attractive, becoming better in social dealings, attracting wealth etc.
✅ Mahashakti Upasana ensures that we also give time to our spiritual journey, the main reason for us coming here in this Loka
✅ Ishta upasana helps us in all round development of personality, and people around us, making our stay here as comfortable as it can be
✅ Upasana is a Yogic procedure as well, so it helps with good health
✅ Serving the deity – immense benefits of serving a higher power, in both this world and all others


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