Ek Sattva Shri Siddharaj Dham, Nagpur

Ek Sattva

Witness Gods in Action. All candidates and political parties who have believed in supreme God – Ek Sattva, believed in Mahaguru Ji have occupied seats of Power. 

This is last court of appeal for any human being. There is nothing that I cannot give. If a wish is not granted after complete submission by a devotee, then be assured that even if Narayana sits here, on this seat, instead of me, he will not grant that wish, because time for that has yet not come.
Mahaguru Kritakritacharya Ji Maharaj

Read below 100s of miracles done by Mahaguru Ji with the power of Vedic Yajnya, along with his own Siddha Divine Cosmic Energies which are direct representation of Gods themselves.

Shri Siddharaj Dham had informed Madhya Pradesh Vidhan Sabha Elections results 5 months before actual election

Dham’s Peeth had informed 3 months before Karnataka Assembly Elections 2023 that Congress will return back to power in Karnataka

Dham’s Peeth had informed exact result of Karnataka Assembly Elections 2023 1 year ago in April 2022

Hari Kripa : Mahaguru Ji had informed correctly about Landslide victory of BJP in Gujarat elections, 9 months in advance

Hari Kripa : Maharashtra Govt changed – Mahaguru Ji informed that govt is going to be changed and Shri Eknath Shinde Ji will be used for this more than 6 months in advance

Hari Kripa : Goa Assembly 2022 results came exactly same as told by Mahaguru Ji. Numbers were told by Mahaguru Ji almost 2 months in advance, and Mahaguru Ji clarified one day before voting that BJP will return back to power in Goa

Hari Kripa : Punjab Assembly results came exactly as told by Mahaguru Ji 3 months Back. Mahaguru Ji had told that Aam Aadmi Party will form govt and Bhagwant Mann will become CM 3 months before results

Hari Kripa : Uttar Pradesh Assembly Results came exactly as told by Dham, and told 2 months in advance

Hari Kripa : Dham had said on May 29, 2021, that all govts will launch their own crypto coins, and all these unsupported cryptos will become ZERO! Govt announced Digital Rupee on 1st Feb 2022.

Hari Kripa : Siddharaj Dham had told about Coup in Burkina Faso & Sudan two month before on December 1, 2021. On 24th January 2022, President of Burkina Faso was removed

Hari Kripa : All candidates who sought help of Siddharaj Narayana in recently concluded Panchayat Samiti Elections won their seats

Hari Kripa : All Candidates who sought divine help of Dham in recently concluded Zilla Parishad bye-Elections in Maharashtra won their seats

Hari Kripa : Mahaguru Ji told on July 13, 2019 that by July 2022 “there will be no American Presence in Middle East, thats why Trump was elected”. On 30th September 2021, American troops fully withdrew from Middle East, after completion of their withdrawal from Afghanistan

Hari Kripa : Mahaguru Ji wrote on June 26, 2021 that “Jyotiraditya Scindhia Ji will get bigger role to play in country’s politics soon”. Indian govt cabinet was expanded, and Mr Scindia was appointed as Central Civil Aviation Minister by govt on 7th July 2021

Hari Kripa : Mahaguru Ji told on Dec 25, 2020, that a popular leader is going to leave BJP. Mukul Roy Ji from Bengal, left BJP on June 11, 2021

Hari Kripa : Mahaguru Ji told on Sept 17, 2019 that Kamal Hasan will have no impact on Tamil Nadu Election. On May 2, 2021 when results were announced, Kamal Hasan’s party won 0 seats. Kamal Hasan himself lost election

Hari Kripa : Mahaguru Ji told on October 26, 2019, one and half year before Tamilnadu Elections, that Gods have ordered to create DMK government in Tamilnadu. On 2nd May 2021, Assembly election results came, and DMK formed govt with majority

Mahaguru Ji told on Sept 17, 2019 that Rajnikanth will not join politics. On 30th December 2020, Rajnikanth announced that he will not join politics

Mahaguru Ji told about death of Mr Ahmad Patel, prominent politician from Indian National Congress, One day before his death on 24th November 2020

Mahaguru Ji told about results of Bihar Assembly Elections on 24th October 2020, long before results. Mahaguru Ji said, govt will be created with borderline number of seats. Mahaguru Ji also told exact number of seats each party will get.

Mahaguru Ji told on 4th November 2020, on the day of US elections, that Gods have given their orders, and Trump will lose this election. Same happened, and Mr Joe Biden was elected as US President

Mahaguru Ji had told about Coronavirus Outbreak in August 2019

Mahaguru Ji Formed New Government in Madhya Pradesh as ordered by Gods

Mahaguru Ji Formed State Government in Jharkhand on request of then President of a Political Party

Mahaguru Ji had said on January 20, 2020 that Congress will not win any seat in Delhi Assembly Elections. On Feb 11, 2020, when results were announced Congress had not won any seat

Karnataka Bye – Elections results were told by Mahaguru Ji before a single vote was cast

Mahaguru Ji Formed State Government in Maharashtra on request of President of Political Party

All MLAs who sought help of Mahaguru Ji in Maharashtra Vidhan Sabha Election won their seats!

Mahaguru Ji had said in April 2019, Rahul Gandhi will lose election from Amethi Seat, that has been ordered by Gods. When results came, Mr Rahul Gandhi lost by 55k votes.

Mahaguru Ji had said in April 2019, that NDA will win the Loksabha 2019 and return back in power with 342+ Seats. When results were announced, NDA won 352 seats and formed govt

All candidates who sought help of Mahaguru Ji in recently concluded Loksabha Elections won their seats