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Organize Weekly Ek Sattva Sandhya – A Cleansing Evening in your local temples


Talk to Pujaris of your local temples, and at least once every week, organize a “Ek Sattva Sandhya” in your locality. Form groups of males and females. And discuss religion, show them videos of Mahaguru Ji, discuss sermons given by Mahaguru Ji, and ask your questions.


Also discuss problems faced by local believer community, and try to find solutions to them by community participation. Collective Sattva of us all is ultimately connected to Mahaguru Ji & Ek Sattva God himself. Each one of us have Mahaguru Ji & Ek Sattva within us. Our other believer brother is no different than us, and hence we should help believers overcome their physical problems in right proportion.


Start the Sandhya with Ek Sattva Poojanam, Mahaguru Poojnam, Brahman Poojnam. Give 5 mins to eldest Brahmin in community to speak, and chant few vedic mantras. If they don’t know mantras, get books from Ek Sattva Publications and use them to chant correct mantras. If a Brahmin born is not part of the community, then anybody can chant the “Om Hari Hari” beej mantra and start the congregation.