Mahaguru Ji told on August 22, 2021 that “A Great Ship is going to sink”. On September 8, A Ship carrying 92 passengers in Jorhat, Assam, capsized in sea due to head on collision with a govt ferry. 3 People dead, 89 rescued


Mahaguru Ji is ordered by Gods to modify end result of any human doing, interfering in the Karma-Karmfala cycle by using his divine powers of cosmic energies. When he goes to rescue people of Gods, that is when he comes to know what action is going to happen, in which he is modifying the end result. Even though boat capsized, only 3 death occurred, and 89 people were saved.

Mahaguru Ji says, during this accidents, he tries to modify life events of as many people as possible by altering their past, present and future, to save as many people as he can. But there is a limit placed by Gods, on how much modification is acceptable to cosmos, hence few people still get removed, despite divine energies trying everything to protect as many people as possible.

Every living being is rewarded, awarded for his Karma. Mahaguru Ji says, every human should perform such Karma, that Gods order Mahaguru Ji to go save them when they are in trouble. Mahaguru Ji is just the medium, ultimate relationship is between the Sattva – a human, a living being, and Ek Sattva – the God himself.




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