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Mahaguru Ji told on 4th November 2020, on the day of US elections, that Gods have given their orders, and Trump will lose this election. Same happened, and Mr Joe Biden was elected as US President


Few days before this, Mahaguru Ji has said that while creating “future” for people, and answering prayers on behalf of Gods, while in dhyanam, he saw Mr Joe Biden in a party, very happy. Though by then he had no orders on what Gods want to be done with US elections, but he said, this could mean that Biden may win. But this is not a confirmation, and he will ask Gods again.

On the day of voting, as soon as Mahaguru Ji came out of dhyanam, he immediately wrote on social media that Gods have ordered, and Trump will be losing this one.

Mahaguru Ji had made Trump win 2016 Presidential election as ordered by Gods, and he liked how President was totally under God’s control, so even Mahaguru Ji was shocked why Gods ordered to remove him from that post.

Though later Gods revealed their plans, and that a second Trump term would have been hindrance on what is going to grip world soon. A Liberal leader in US was required for future, and that is why Gods ordered Mahaguru Ji to replace the President.




Before that on 15th October 2020 itself, Mahaguru Ji had told number of electoral college votes each candidate will get, even before it was decided who will become President.

Though Mahaguru Ji deleted those tweets later, as orders from Gods was not confirmed yet.


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