Mahaguru Ji told on 24th October 2020 that a young, recently married MP is going to be pregnant soon. On 9th, June, 2021, news came out about pregnancy of MP Nusrat Jahan.


Mahaguru Ji answers all prayers done by any living being, across the Universe, directed towards any Gods when he is in Dhyanam.  On 24th, october 2020, when Mahaguru Ji was in dhyanam, he heard one such prayer from a woman, who wanted a child. Usually every living being is just a soul signature for Mahaguru Ji, but Gods wanted Mahaguru Ji to write this for future reference, hence when Mahaguru Ji looked closely, it was a known face.  As Gods were happy with her prayers, and offerings, they agreed to bless her with a child, and asked Mahaguru Ji to create energies accordingly.

Mahaguru Ji wrote in his style after coming out of dhyanam that a young MP is going to get pregnant soon.

Mahaguru Ji said that while asking something during prayers, people should be vigilant. Humans can only decide what they want, how they will get it is decided by Gods, Mahaguru Ji and divine energies.



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