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Mahaguru Ji told about results of Bihar Assembly Elections on 24th October 2020, long before results. Mahaguru Ji said, govt will be created with borderline number of seats. Mahaguru Ji also told exact number of seats each party will get.


Mahaguru Ji creates all govts using divine energies, which are powers of Gods themselves. Mahaguru Ji creates results of elections where Gods ask him to interfere, based on their orders, or physical input.

Top two-three contenders for forming government are given physical chance to agree to terms of Gods in case they want to win. If no party agrees then Mahaguru Ji creates results based on best interests of Dharma in mind.

For Bihar election, Mahaguru Ji offered help to both BJP & RJD. BJP/RSS do not believe in existence of Gods, and hence their leaders and even candidates, do not listen to or believe in Gods, despite their portrayal in media as a “Hindu” party.

But Mahaguru Ji is not ideologically aligned, and both parties are always offered a chance at power.

RJD was too given a chance, but Gods did not want them to win elections. While Mahaguru Ji was “weaving” results of elections (you can see the fluctuations in seats on result day as new numbers were coming in, with Mahagathbandhan going till 119/121 seats), Gods called Mahaguru Ji back into dhyanam for 4 hours, detaching him from physical world, and asked him to refrain from helping RJD.

A month later, it was known why Gods asked so.

Mahaguru Ji has said, in next Bihar election, Bihar will get an alternative government under a new political party if things go as planned right now.

On 24th October 2020, Mahaguru Ji told about entire scenario of Bihar elections.

Mahaguru Ji said, govt will be formed with 120-147 seats.

RJD will win 65-84 seats

JDU will win 39 seats

BJP will win 61 seats. BJP win more as Mahaguru Ji was pulled back into Dhyanam by Gods to stop him from creating a MGB win

Others will win about 56 seats.



Mahaguru Ji also told exact number of seats that each party will get.


Mahaguru Ji told that govt will be such will be held by a thread


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