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Hari Kripa : Mahaguru Ji told about failure of ISRO’s mission GSLV-10 which occurred on 18th August 2021, on 10th August 2021 itself.


According to Prerna of Bhagwan Narayana, Mahaguru Ji always writes what he sees happening in future in his own cryptic language.

On 8th August Mahaguru Ji wrote that something related to a space vehicle is happening shortly. To his disciples, Mahaguru Ji said, there was a messenger of God whom he could see in other world, as ordered by Gods, making some required changes.

He wrote on his social media profile – ISS #future, as he was not aware of any pending launch by ISRO or any space agency. It appeared to him as Space station.

8 days later, ISRO launched its missiong GSLV-10, which failed due to technical error.


Whatever is done by Gods, is for good of all humanity. Anything done before time, or which can harm interests of humans itself, is always stopped by Godly interference.




PS – Mahaguru Ji creates things only on orders of Gods. No scientific invention is influenced by energies to be a success or a failure on request of any human or govt. Blessings for success of scientific expeditions can be obtained by Hindus by connecting with Ashram.