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Mahaguru Ji told about death of Mr Tarun Gogoi, as soon as he came out from Dhyanam on 23rd November 2020

Mahaguru Ji is the Gods personified in this Universe.

Mahaguru Ji is tasked to guide souls of prominent Kings, MPs, MLAs, Ministers, Prime Ministers, Chief Ministers, prominent religious figures, prominent businessmen, anybody who influences how this world operates. These people who wield power are made so by Mahaguru Ji, on orders of Gods.

When its time for one of them to leave, Gods order Mahaguru Ji to take their soul and guide it on right path.

Mahaguru Ji tells about what is coming in future for mankind immediately after coming about of Dhyanam either around 4AM or after 11am.

This was another such day.

On Nov 23, 2020, Mahaguru Ji came out of dhyanam, and he spoke in his language, a Prominent politician is dying soon.

He wrote it on his social media. That is when one of disciples pointed out that while Mahaguru Ji was in dhyanam, Tarun Gogoi died.

Mahaguru Ji explained how it happens, and told people about importance of adhering to their own Dharma.


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