Ek Sattva Ashram | Shri Siddharaj Sarkar Dham | Nagpur

Mahaguru Ji told about death of Mr Ahmad Patel, prominent politician from Indian National Congress, One day before his death on 24th November 2020

Mahaguru Ji never names people who are going to be removed, as he says he wants to be wrong in such cases. But decisions by Gods are always final, and no one can do anything about it.

Kings, MLAs, MPs and prominent politicians are chosen by Gods, and protected by Mahaguru Ji through divine energies.

When its time for anyone of these to be removed, Mahaguru Ji follows orders from Gods, and goes personally during dhyanam to guide their souls on right after life journey.

Same way it happened for Mr Ahmad Patel Ji. Religions are creations of humans, Mahaguru Ji governs all religions and entire cosmos using divine energies which are powers of Gods themselves, as advised by Gods.


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