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Mahaguru Ji runs this world through divine energies, which are Mahashaktis (powers) of Lord Mahavishnu himself.

Mahaguru Ji goes into state of Yoga Nidra (highest state of dhyanam achieved only by Gods and Maharshis), and takes orders from Gods, to implement them in our Universe.

On 18th May Mahaguru is wrote on his Twitter profile,


C I A S #future

— Mahaguru Kritakritacharya (@Kritakritachary) May 17, 2020

Meaning : “Cyclone In Arabian Sea #Future” .

He explained it to the world on May 28, when it was not confirmed whether cyclone nisarga will actually form. A cyclone to touch Maharashtra coast was created after a gap of around a century by divine energies.


Cyclone in Arabian Sea now forming… https://t.co/Ny7h5zR0vH

— Mahaguru Kritakritacharya (@Kritakritachary) May 28, 2020


Cyclone Nisarga was formed on 3rd June and made landfall.


A #LowPressure Areas Forms Over Arabian Sea, Another on the Anvil; Both Likely to Intensify Further https://t.co/av5PGN4vcJ

📷: (BCCL) pic.twitter.com/PcmwBkhtrA

— The Weather Channel India (@weatherindia) May 28, 2020


Cyclones and natural calamities are created by Mahaguru Ji on orders of Gods when humans do things which harms nature and Dharma , thus angrying Gods. Mahaguru Ji asks all of us to adhere strictly to Hindu Dharma so that he can protect us from all calamities.