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Either this or something else. But a deadly outbreak of something is coming that will have most effect in chinese peninsula

— Mahaguru Kritakritacharya (@Kritakritachary) July 31, 2019

Mahaguru Ji informed on 1st August 2019, atleast 4 months before first case of coronavirus appeared in China, that an outbreak of something is coming which will start in china.

After outbreak was known to public, in January 2020, Mahaguru Ji also told about its characterstics.

Mahaguru Ji said,” virus has been made by genetically engineering HIV, TB and Flu virus, and China is lying about numbers because I am not getting physical confirmations of what Gods are telling me . Numbers that I am seeing are atleast about 1000x of what is being reported. And if this continues then this can become a pandemic causing more damage than it should.”

Between January to February while “scientists” were busy “studying” the virus, Mahaguru Ji had outlined all characterstics of the virus as was told to him by Gods.

You can see below tweet screenshots, which were deleted.


On orders of Gods, Mahaguru Ji has created two yantras.

  1. Vishal Mahavishnu Yantra which is for general public
  2. Narayan Raksha Yantra which is for politicians, VIPs, VVIPs who are important to protect world order.