Ek Sattva Ashram | Shri Siddharaj Sarkar Dham | Nagpur

Mahaguru Ji had said in April 2019, that NDA will win the Loksabha 2019 and return back in power with 342+ Seats. When results were announced, NDA won 352 seats and formed govt


Mahaguru Ji wrote in a private book accessible to only Ashram devotees, in April 2019 that as ordered by Gods, Narendra Modi will return back to power, and his party coalition will be given 342+ seats.

During the election campaign, Ashram contacted every candidate of all political parties and those who were believers in Gods, submitted themselves to service of Gods. They were provided additional help by Gods through divine blessings to win their seats.


While the energies created as ordered by Gods to create the required result, ensured win of NDA allies, all candidates of even the opposition political parties who submitted themselves to Gods and took refuge of Mahaguru Ji, won their seats comfortably, defeating even incumbent NDA ministers and bigger candidates.