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Mahaguru Ji uses divine energies of Lord Mahavishnu to implement orders from Gods, which includes creating democratic governments across the world, according to Karma of leaders and people they are going to govern.

In April 2019, Mahaguru Ji had told that on orders of Gods, Mr Narendra Modi Ji will form government again with 342+ seats. And at the same time, he had informed that in assembly elections in Maharashtra, as was ordered by Gods, BJP & Shivsena will win 220 seats and form government.

But certain karmic changes occurred between May 2019 to August 2019, and Gods asked Mahaguru Ji to create below result for Maharashtra.

On 10th August 2019, as soon as Mahaguru Ji came out of dhyanam, he wrote this on his social media account.



Mahaguru Ji writes cryptic, which only few can decipher, so as to not disturb world order, just because he tells about things before they actually happen.

Mahaguru Ji wrote that, he will be giving opportunity to all political parties, to believe in Gods, agree to their terms, and form government accordingly. But as was ordered by Gods, BJP and its leadership did not believe in powers of Dharma and Gods, and hence a government without BJP was formed.

After results were declared, and government formation was in progress, Mahaguru Ji wrote below telling what he meant by his tweet in August 2019.




You can see the result that Mahaguru Ji tells as which would actually have been, had BJP believed in Gods, was what exit polls and opinion polls were predicting. Same was told by Mahaguru Ji way back in April 2019.

Apart from that , on 11th October 2019, about 15 days before voting date, Mahaguru Ji wrote below on his social media, that as BJP doesn’t believe in Dharma and powers of Gods, and their leaders were either not approachable, or didn’t talk well when contacted, other parties have been given chance, and some have accepted it.




You can see what Mahaguru Ji tells on 11th october 2019, is what exit polls were predicting as result. But just about a week before election date, one of the dharmic leaders in other parties agreed to take God’s help, as was planned by Gods all along, results were declared which were according to what Mahaguru Ji informed in August 2019.

Mahaguru Ji has already informed that as one of the parties in government currently, has backtracked from its promises made to Gods before election, this government will change, and BJP will come to power very soon.


Mahaguru Ji doesn’t support political ideologies of any party. He works only on orders of Gods, and in all elections, all political parties, to whom Gods ask to give chance, are contacted through their public channels. If a leader cannot be contacted by general public, i.e. does not have his details in public, such leaders and political parties are not given any chance. Its not that, Mahaguru Ji makes parties lose, but Mahaguru Ji helps those who are good servants of Lord Mahavishnu, and who perform Karma as per their Dharma.