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Mahaguru Ji uses divine energies of Lord Mahavishnu to implement orders from Gods, which includes creating democratic governments across the world, according to Karma of leaders and people they are going to govern.


On November 2, 2019, Mahaguru Ji informed that since BJP leaders are not believing in control of Gods and Dharma through Mahaguru Ji in this world, he will form government of JMM and INC in Jharkhand.


On November 29, 2019, about a month before actual voting, Mahaguru Ji got orders from Gods, about what will be the seats given to each party.

Using his cryptic language, Mahaguru Ji wrote on his social media profile :

Similar was the result declared after election.


Like in every election, we offered a chance to every party to agree to terms of Gods and believe in Gods, their powers, and agree to run a Dharmic government, but BJP’s top leadership was unaproachable, and some ministers in then Jharkhand government even insulted Gods. Obviously, Gods knew all this very well, and thats why they had given orders to Mahaguru Ji.

Mahaguru Ji confirms all orders of Gods, through physical means, after coming out of dhyanam, so that karmic fala of any person is not disturbed.

Political leader because of whom JMM and INC government was formed, has backtracked from his promises, hence Gods may change this government in due time too. Mahaguru Ji doesn’t cause harm or profit to anyone, and absolutely doesn’t disturb karmic cycle. A person if backtracks from his promises to Gods, pays to Gods for his Karma, and Mahaguru Ji doesn’t offer any assistance to such people afterwards.

Mahaguru Ji doesn’t support political ideologies of any party. He works only on orders of Gods, and in all elections, all political parties, to whom Gods ask to give chance, are contacted through their public channels. If a leader cannot be contacted by general public, i.e. does not have his details in public, such leaders and political parties are not given any chance. Its not that, Mahaguru Ji makes parties lose, but Mahaguru Ji helps those who are good servants of Lord Mahavishnu, and who perform Karma as per their Dharma.