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Mahaguru Ji uses divine energies of Lord Mahavishnu to implement orders from Gods, which includes creating democratic governments across the world, according to Karma of leaders and people they are going to govern.

Mahaguru Ji had formed Congress government in MP in 2018 because BJP govt in center brought a policy which was divisive for Hindus, and that made Gods very angry. While previous plan was to give BJP 144+ in MP Assembly election, because of that attempt by BJP’s central leadership, Gods ordered Mahaguru Ji to change MP govt, and hence cong was put in power.

During its tenure, MP govt and its leadership was doing anti Hindu things, which Gods did not like and hence, on orders of Gods, divine energies had created fall of MP govt, along with Karnataka in July 2020. In July 2019, MP govt was set to fall too, but some good Dharmic leaders from Congress agreed to take help of Gods, hence Mahaguru Ji withdrew energies, and govt was stabilized.


On 14th Feb 2020, Gods used divine energies to create Mr Scindia’s faction merger with BJP. Mahaguru Ji informed the same on his social media. Though Mr Scindia, could not become CM this time, due to some Karmic difficulty, he will surely become CM of MP very soon



Before this, in Nov 2019 too, Mahaguru Ji had warned that if Congress wants to save its MP govt, it must give chair to Mr Scindia, because time has come to give him Karma fala of his previous Janma, and of his ancestors. Kings inherently are religious. Dharma doesn’t care about political leanings of any person.




Then some statements were made by then Cong govt, and ministers, which angered Gods, and they created energies to change govt in MP finally on Feb 20,2020.



Mahaguru Ji doesn’t support or oppose political ideologies of any party or person. He works only on orders of Gods, and in all elections, all political parties, to whom Gods ask to give chance, are contacted through their public channels. If a leader cannot be contacted by general public, i.e. does not have his details in public, such leaders and political parties are not given any chance. Its not that, Mahaguru Ji makes parties lose, but Mahaguru Ji helps those who are good servants of Lord Mahavishnu, and who perform Karma as per their Dharma.