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Mahaguru Ji uses divine energies of Lord Mahavishnu to implement orders from Gods, which includes creating democratic governments across the world, according to Karma of leaders and people they are going to govern.

Since October 2019, Australia was having one of the largest bushfires in a few centuries. It had devastated entire australia and more than 100 crore animals were dead.

On Jan 5, 2020, Mahaguru Ji was ordered by Gods to help douse bushfire in Australia.

Mahaguru Ji created total 12 cyclones/low pressure areas, and sent 10,000+ incidental rains in Australia within 18 days to douse largest fire in several centuries.


See Mahaguru Ji control cyclones, rains, floods, and decrease temperatures, decrease spread of fire, all using God’s own powers of divine energies, in below screenshots from Mahaguru Ji’s social media profile.