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Mahaguru Ji uses divine energies of Lord Mahavishnu to implement orders from Gods, which includes creating democratic governments across the world, according to Karma of leaders and people they are going to govern.


On 4th December 2019, day before voting, Mahaguru Ji wrote on his social media, that BJP will be made to win this bye-election and will continue their government.



Mahaguru Ji also wrote in his own cryptic language that parties will get 12 and 3 seats, which was the exact result.


Mahaguru Ji had told after results that as per orders from Gods, a government having anti Hindu politics won’t be allowed in India ever, and if practicing Hindu leaders in such parties do not show their belief in power of Dharma and Gods, then BJP will win that election.


In this election as well, BJP leadership did not agree to take God’s help, as they do not believe in existence of Gods, and dharmic powers, but as they run a comparatively pro-hindu government, atleast do not harm Hindus, they were allowed to keep government by Gods.

Mahaguru Ji is only the medium through which Gods exert their will and Mahaguru Ji is able to control five elements of nature using divine energies. Everything is ordered by Gods based on Karma of the political leadership of the party, how God’s perceive them to act when in government, and collective Karma of people being governed by such leaders. If a place has adharmic Hindus or other adharmics, adharmic leaders are made to win in such places, unless a practicing Hindu leader with some ability agrees to take Mahaguru Ji’s help, and Gods allow Mahaguru Ji to help them.

Mahaguru Ji doesn’t support political ideologies of any party. He works only on orders of Gods, and in all elections, all political parties, to whom Gods ask to give chance, are contacted through their public channels. If a leader cannot be contacted by general public, i.e. does not have his details in public, such leaders and political parties are not given any chance. Its not that, Mahaguru Ji makes parties lose, but Mahaguru Ji helps those who are good servants of Lord Mahavishnu, and who perform Karma as per their Dharma.