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Say Bye Bye to anxiety

Inner Peace program is designed to help you connect with the God within you. Once Sattva discovers Ek Sattva, we can say bye bye to Anxiety, Depression and other mental illnesses.

Increase Confidence

Inner peace program provides every participant with unique outlook of life. Once you have answers to all your problems, you will exude confidence in everything you do.

Better Relationships

Once a person has found answers to his questions of life, his aura becomes bright, and he handles emotions more maturely. Don't you want people around you should love you for who you are?

Better Success

After attending inner peace program, you will be having a connect with your innerself, all that you have been searching in life, will seem to be within your reach, that will help you perform better in every sector of life.

Live a Satisfied Life

Inner peace program helps you discover the God within you, it gives you instant connection with source of positive energy that your own body is. You will feel content, satisfied, and aiming positive growth in a healthy way.

A Happy Married Life

In Inner peace program, Mahaguru Ji explains the tidbits about married life as well. How to tackle emotions, how to express it, how to appreciate each other and how to become best friends with your spouse.

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