Ek Sattva Ashram | Shri Siddharaj Sarkar Dham | Nagpur

Hari Kripa : Siddharaj Dham had said on Dec 30, 2021 that less testing should be done, and govts should not impose any more lockdowns. Also phasewise opening of schools etc should be done. 12 days later on 12th January 2022, ICMR issued guidelines in same order to be followed across country

Omicron variant is created on by divine powers in order to provide natural immunity. Govt should use their common sense and in a restrained fashion allow movement of people slowly. People should exercise caution and not panic, as in severely immunocompromised individuals, Omicron still will be deadlier than common cold, Mahaguru Ji said.

As told by Mahaguru Ji, Omicron is giving good natural immunity to those infected. Even those who were protected by Mahaguru Ji throughout duration of the pandemic were in a controlled fashion infected with the new strain in order to provide them natural immunity. If someone has not got 2 doses of vaccine, they are advised by Mahaguru Ji to first get that, before starting their normal life. Also follow local administration guidelines related to pandemic as orders from Gods keep changing, Mahaguru Ji said.