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Hari Kripa : Mahaguru Ji told on 23rd August 2021, that Gods have given prerna that cyclones are being formed in both Bay of Bengal & Arabian Sea. In month of September, only 3rd time in last 20 years, cyclones were formed by the name of Gulaab and Shaheen


Gulaab started forming by 15th September 2021 and Shaheen was formed by 1st October 2021.

Cyclones, Hurricanes, Natural calamities are created to balance cosmic energies of the planet, resulting from human actions.

As Humans will go on doing unnatural, immoral activities, thus requiring more usage of divine to balance the cosmos, to run this Universe , more and more natural calamities will keep forming.

For any region, that is battling natural calamities, only way out is submission to Gods.



This was only third time in this century, in last 20 years, that a cyclone was formed in Bay of Bengal. Physical properties were not conductive to formation of a cyclone with such strength, but still, cyclones were formed.





Before this, energies attempted to create cyclone 3 times in Bay of Bengal which again was astonishing for those who do not believe in God.