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Hari Kripa : All candidates who sought help of Siddharaj Narayana in recently concluded Panchayat Samiti Elections won their seats


Narayana through Siddharaj Dham helps those candidates who believe in power of Gods, irrespective of political party affiliation. Candidates who by physical means are in first 3 candidates in their constituency, can seek help of Gods and divine energies from Siddharaj Dham in exchange of a promise to serve people of that constituency and Gods during their tenure.


All candidates who approached Dham for help, won their seats with unprecedented margins. They saw a fluctuation of 1-2000 votes in their constituency to ensure their win.


Dham helps devotees of Gods who submit themselves to the service of Dharma, irrespective of political parties using Vedic Yajnya, and his Siddha power of Divine Energies. All those who come with submission “bhav” get their wishes granted by Gods.