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Shri Siddharaj Dham

Consultation with Mahaguru Ji

India's One of Finest Astrologers and
Peethadheeshwar, Shri Siddharaj Dham

Consult with Mahaguru Ji and discuss about your  life goals with Vedic Jyotish & Hari Kripa

✅Get guidance based on Tantra Shastra, Para Shakti, Vedic Shastras and Vedic Astrology

✅Get token by contacting on WhatsApp

✅ Token number arrives on same day or next day for most devotees

✅Follow the process

✅Consult with Mahaguru Ji on Video Call as your token arrives

✅Get free or paid token on WhatsApp

✅Darbar organised by Shri Siddharaj Dham

Limited Free Tokens of Janta Darbar & Paid VIP Tokens Available

Pret Badha, Tantra Badha Consultation on Video Call

Life is easier with a divine presence in your life, guiding you at each step

✅Career Problem, Job Problem Consultation

✅Business Problem, expansion Consultation

✅Love Problem Consultation

✅Marriage Problem, Children Problem

✅ Economic Growth Problem consultation

✅Preta Badha Problem

✅Bhoot Badha Problem

✅Poorvaj badha problem

✅Kul Devta Problem

✅ Any kind of Savari problem

✅If you have any savari, it can be called during video call itself

✅Consultation for Tantra badha, Vashikaran, Shatru Stambhan, Vidweshan (infighting between husband and wife), Family problems (Griha Klesha)

Individual Consultation on Video Call

Most of the both astrological and tantrik procedures can be done on video call itself



✅Calling Savari of Para Shakti

✅Grah Jaap recommendation and Jaap

✅ Hawan Recommendation and organising Hawan at Dham

✅Any Teerth Yatra recommendation

✅Any Tantrik Kriya/Totak recommendation is explained by Dham’s Acharyas

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