Ek Sattva Ashram | Shri Siddharaj Sarkar Dham | Nagpur


Install Param Brahma Parmatma Shriman Narayan within you by activating your divine self through Sadhna, Gyan, Dhyan & Bhakti

At Shri Siddharaj Dham, Yogiraj Shri Krishna becomes Siddharaj Narayana and blesses devotees from all class, creed and castes/varnas. 

Join us by contacting on WhatsApp. 


In order to attend a Brahmvarta session getting a token is mandatory. 

Sessions are conducted at Shri Siddharaj Dham, Nagpur every Monday & Friday. 

From 6:30 to 7:30 sessions for first time joinees is conducted and from 7:30 to 8:30 session for existing members is conducted. 

Brahmvarta sessions are completely free to join, but require a token to enter in first session, and a membership to attend repeat sessions. 

Brahmvarta Sessions are conducted in Hindi + English. Sessions are targetted more towards educated and logical folks who want to explore spirituality. 

Brahmvarta Sessions inspire to fight the Prarabdhas we get through our Poorva Janma Sanchit Karmas. And also remedies which are through 1000s of yrs of knowledge of our great Rishis, Maharshis coupled with Astrology, Hari Kripa through divine beings is used to “reshape” and “re-energise” life of every member. 

Every member is suggested to use their initial spiritual journey to re-program their life and then maintain the balance, by removing all outside influences. 

Shri Siddharaj Dham’s divine Kripa starts working on your immediate problems as soon as Abha cleansing is done and you start doing Jaapa of your assigned Mantra. By the time your “peshis” are complete, you will see visible changes and start experiencing presence of divine around you. Slowly life will become fully aligned and in your control, in control of divinity of Dham and you will no longer be governed by past janma Sanchit Karma made Prarabdhas as Mahamantra jaap through Guru Kripa will cleanse it thoroughly. 

Yes. Brahmvarta sessions allow couples to join as Dev Dampati and ensure their spiritual elevation together. 

In first session, Mahaguru Ji first conducts a common lecture and then listens to every devotee one by one, and blesses them to remove all sorrows from their life. They are also given Hari Kripa remedies, and Jyotish/Astrological remedies to ensure removal of all their problems. 

In repeat Brahmavarta session, all devotees get Guru Sannidhyam to learn to elevate their consciousness. 

In Brahmvarta sessions, all devotees learn to become Asakti-rahit, a mandatory process to ignite the spiritual being within us. 

Yes. Over the time, following all the rituals and methods of Brahmvarta sessions, depending on person’s adherence to the system, their devotion, one or more chakras can get activated. 

Not only this, devotees who are cent percent submitted to the cause will have divine experiences through the process of cleansing, and mantra jaap. 

It takes anywhere between 4-10 yrs to become Asakti-rahit, as every human first needs to solve all the “Maya” it has created, and ensure no new maya is created. 

Those who are already on spiritual path may start getting divine experiences early. 

At Shri Siddharaj Dhama, essence of Vedas is used to benefit the modern human. 

By doing the Abha Cleansing Yajnyas, apmarjan of soul – the real reason behind all our sorrows, all our problems is removed from our bodies. 

Dham recommends 5/7/11 Yajnyas and on-demand yajnyas whenever members feel they are being affected by the negative energies. 

Yes, you can do that. Pls contact our Acharya at Dham and they will arrange it for you. 

Mantra Sthapna is done for all the members who do Abha Cleansing. 

Mahamantra is provided to them through the Guru Mukh, and from then onwards effect of the Ashtakshari Mahamantra is increased manifolds for the devotees. 

Ask them to get a token via whatsapp to join the first session, and then join repeat sessions. 

Brahvarta is more about Mantra Saadhna than yog saadhna. We use simplest Yoga – that is Dhyanam – meditation state to reach our inner self and then nurture it. 

Dev Dootas – Bachelor males

Dev Kumaris – Bachelor Females

Dev Dampati – married couples 


Shri Siddharaj Dham does not prohibit marriages of dev kumaris and dev dootas and every member is always free to leave the program and continue his spiritual path in the ways they consider appropriate. 

All members can make voluntary donations after every session, and also make anonymous donations for construction, maintenance of Shri Siddharaj Dham. Sessions will always remain free or according to arrangement of organizers. 

Brahmvarta is supposed start with individuals and become a thriving community in itself over the time. At present, every member is a temple in itself, where Param Brahma is instilled, activated through a spiritual process, and then slowly it takes form of thriving communities, which can merge together to form a community of spiritually awakened people with a common goal, and having no differences. 

All members who follow the Abha Shuddhikaran process, and then Mantra sthapna get 2 mantras 

  1. One Mahamantra through Gurumukh to cleanse our Karma
  2. One Mantra to ensure our life comes in line solving all our current problems.

Members are constantly connected with Mahaguru Ji through specific social media channels, groups etc. 

Members share their divine experiences during sessions and get opinion of Mahaguru Ji on those sessions. Each session is more rewarding than previous one as members continue their spiritual journey. 

Scriptures are also taken as a basis to implement new learnings in our life.