Ek Sattva Shri Siddharaj Dham, Nagpur

The "Gaia" Tree - Tree of Life - Ek Sattva Vriksha

Shri Siddharaj Dham worships Nirakar forms of Lord Parambrahma – Lord Narayana + Lord Shiva with Devi Tripursundari & Devi Jagdamba. 

Ek Sattva Tree is the tree of life, a way into sookshma loka. At the root of this tree resides Lord Brahma with Brahma Loka Para shaktis, in its main trunk resides Vishnu with Vaikuntha Loka Narayani gana Sena, and in its branches Lord Mahadev resides with Kailasha Loka para shaktis. 

It is a wish fulfillment, meditation tree by following Yam-niyams of Sanatan Dharma. 

At Shri Siddharaj Dham, with Tapobal of Mahaguru Shri Kritakritacharya Ji Maharaj, Gaia tree can be replaced, be branched out or more created according to orders from the Peeth of Shri Siddharaj Dham, each having same characterstics. 

Larger form of Shri Siddharaj Dham when it will be constructed, it will house 1008 idols of Lord Narayana which already exist across the nation but are no longer worshipped due to change in lifestyle of Hindus or abandonment of ancient cities. 

5 Main Deities of the Dham

Shri Siddharaj Dham is run through Para Shaktis from 5 different deva lokas.