Where the work of man stops, there begins work of Cosmic Energies!

Spiritual Healing

Get guided towards the form of God you believe in, and learn the ways of your ancestors to bring happiness, and spiritual healing in your life.

Energy Healing

Every life is connected via Life Energies with Energy of cosmos, the Ek Sattva. Mahaguru Ji helps channel these energies positively, allowing them to repair physical ailments.

Modern Medicine Principles

Mahaguru Ji also possesses qualification in modern medicine and hence can interpret the results of modern investigative medicine, and accordingly use them to channel spiritual & cosmic energies for the benefit of devotees.

The buck does not stop where we believe it has, but it stops where Cosmos want it to!

Spiritual Healing & Energy healing can help people achieve beyond the purview of modern medicine, and achieve Health in real sense. 

Methods Employed by Mahaguru Ji are all scientific, ancient, and proven.

Psychiatric Counselling

Mahaguru Ji uses finest psychiatric methods to establish connect with our individuality, thus allowing us to express ourselves in best way.

Spiritual Healing

Mahaguru Ji directs a person's instincts to the energies that created him, thus helping the person be more fulfilling, more satisfied in their life.

Energies, Energies, Energies

Cosmic Energies govern this Universe. Each person has their own Energy signature, and how that energy interacts with cosmos decides results in our life. Channeling our energy positively can change our physical attributes, behavior, and thought process.

Astrology Healing

Gurus of the Ashram interpret your Kundali and determine the Planets causing your condition. Remedies are suggested to correct what is wrong.

Yantra Healing

Ek Sattva Yantra prepared from Yagya/Yadnya/Yajna dhuni of Mahaguru Ji's divine offerings to Gods is source of energies that govern this Universe. They will remove any negative energies present in house that may be becoming hindrance in pregnancy.

Ek Sattva Lifestyle

Ek Sattva Lifestyle is living a natural life, like a human, as ordered by Gods themselves. We continue enjoying all the perks of modern life, and still make changes which are easy to integrate in our life, in order to achieve desired result.

Book Healing Sessions with Mahaguru Ji


Video Call Session Package

Attend 5 Personal Sessions with Mahaguruji on Video Call

21000 per package
  • Individual Private Session with Mahaguru Ji
  • 5 Sessions Included in package, enough for most problems
  • Directly discuss your issues and get personalized attention to your problems.
  • Remedies that are targeted to your Sattva
  • 15 mins Call Session
  • Yantra, Ek Sattva Lifestyle Book is couriered to your home

Direct Meeting Session Package

Attend 5 Personal Sessions with Mahaguruji at Nagpur Ashram

65000 per package
  • Individual Private Session with Mahaguru Ji
  • 5 Sessions Included in package, enough for most problems
  • Directly discuss your issues and get personalized attention to your problems.
  • Remedies that are targeted to your Sattva
  • 15-30 mins Direct Meeting with Mahaguru Ji at Nagpur Ashram
  • Yantra, Ek Sattva Lifestyle Book is couriered to your home

Testimonials - Witness the Cosmic Energies at work

Energy Healings can only be felt while Mahaguru Ji is doing the procedure. As soon as my session was over, I could see the changes immediately afterwards. There are many things in the world, that exist, but we cannot see them, because we are too blinded. Spiritual Healing with Mahaguru Ji is like talking to God himself, you are going to have answers to everything.

Mahesh W General Wellbeing

I have never felt better. Since the time I attended the physical session with Mahaguru Ji, I am feeling rejuvenated, as if life has taken a new turn. Following his guidance is like following path of your ancestors. Once you understand the meaning of life, everything starts coming together automatically.

Neha J Depression

Mahaguru Ji did a Cosmic energy healing session on me, and guided me towards Ek Sattva lifestyle in my spiritual energy session. Previously when doctors advised me to do something, it seemed forceful. But in Energy healing session, you already happily do all things suggested, as if they are natural, as if a force, which you cannot see is guiding you to do it, a gentle force which cares about you.

P Krithika Stress Management

Ek Sattva is savior of mankind. You cannot find more logical explanations of existence of higher power, and there is no place in the entire world, where you can actually witness higher power in action, right through you. We are all a part of God, Mahaguru Ji not just makes us realise it through his knowledge, but makes us feel it through the channelization of Cosmic Energies.

Antara T Relationship Counselling

Ek Sattva Lifestyle is best you can come across. Your happiness quotient increases the moment you see a smiling, familiar face, glowing with positive energies in front of you when you first see Mahaguru Ji. I think half of my problems were solved then and there. Now with the guidance I have received in my sessions, I no longer feel diverted from my goals, I am feeling so energetic, and yet happy, that everything is automatically coming to me, instead of me approaching things. 10/10 to the experience, 10/10 to the effectiveness.

Samantha A Career Counselling

I was battling with my alcohol addiction since past 15 years. After attending 5 sessions with Mahaguru Ji, it has been 6 months of sobriety for me. Peer pressure has lost all its shine, and energies have become my new guiding force.

Pankaj S De-Addiction

    1000s of proofs of Mahaguru Ji's control over Cosmic Energies

    Watch Ek Sattva Energies in Action

    Mahaguru Ji tells about and enacts upcoming major world events through his connect with Cosmic Energies, Godly energies. Watch the energies in action, and remain awestruck how an individual, a mortal can know things in so much detail before they happen, days, weeks, months or years in advance. 

    Hari Kripa : Mahaguru Ji had informed correctly about Landslide victory of BJP in Gujarat elections, 9 months in advance

    Hari Kripa : Maharashtra Govt changed – Mahaguru Ji informed that govt is going to be changed and Shri Eknath Shinde Ji will be used for this more than 6 months in advance

    Hari Kripa : Goa Assembly 2022 results came exactly same as told by Mahaguru Ji. Numbers were told by Mahaguru Ji almost 2 months in advance, and Mahaguru Ji clarified one day before voting that BJP will return back to power in Goa

    Hari Kripa : Punjab Assembly results came exactly as told by Mahaguru Ji 3 months Back. Mahaguru Ji had told that Aam Aadmi Party will form govt and Bhagwant Mann will become CM 3 months before results

    Hari Kripa : Uttar Pradesh Assembly Results came exactly as told by Dham, and told 2 months in advance

    Hari Kripa : Dham had said on May 29, 2021, that all govts will launch their own crypto coins, and all these unsupported cryptos will become ZERO! Govt announced Digital Rupee on 1st Feb 2022.

    Hari Kripa : Siddharaj Dham had told about Coup in Burkina Faso & Sudan two month before on December 1, 2021. On 24th January 2022, President of Burkina Faso was removed

    Hari Kripa : Siddharaj Dham had told on Sept 9, 2021 that an Island nation is going to drown soon. On 18th January 2022, a volcano eruption in Tonga Island nation swept away entire country by Earthquake and Tsunami

    Hari Kripa : Siddharaj Dham had said on Dec 30, 2021 that less testing should be done, and govts should not impose any more lockdowns. Also phasewise opening of schools etc should be done. 12 days later on 12th January 2022, ICMR issued guidelines in same order to be followed across country

    Hari Kripa : Siddharaj Dham had issued statement on December 19, 2021 that Omicron variant will not harm people as much as old ones, he had also informed about Gods creating such a variant 6 months ago. 15 days later, scientists came to same conclusion

    Hari Kripa : Siddharaj Dham had said on 11th June 2021, that “As ordered by Gods, Divine powers are creating events raising International Oil Prices”. As on 22nd October 2021, Currently International Crude Oil Prices are at 7 Years High.

    Hari Kripa : Mahaguru Ji told on 20th September 2020 that Huge protests are being created by Gods, which resulted in year long farmer’s protests

    Hari Kripa : Mahaguru Ji told a Plane is going to crash on October 3, 2021. On October 10, 2021 a plane crashed killing 15 in Russia

    Hari Kripa : All candidates who sought help of Siddharaj Narayana in recently concluded Panchayat Samiti Elections won their seats

    Hari Kripa : All Candidates who sought divine help of Dham in recently concluded Zilla Parishad bye-Elections in Maharashtra won their seats

    Hari Kripa : Mahaguru Ji told on 23rd August 2021, that Gods have given prerna that cyclones are being formed in both Bay of Bengal & Arabian Sea. In month of September, only 3rd time in last 20 years, cyclones were formed by the name of Gulaab and Shaheen

    Hari Kripa : Mahaguru Ji told on July 13, 2019 that by July 2022 “there will be no American Presence in Middle East, thats why Trump was elected”. On 30th September 2021, American troops fully withdrew from Middle East, after completion of their withdrawal from Afghanistan

    Hari Kripa : Mahaguru Ji told on August 22, 2021 that “A Great Ship is going to sink”. On September 8, A Ship carrying 92 passengers in Jorhat, Assam, capsized in sea due to head on collision with a govt ferry. 3 People dead, 89 rescued

    Hari Kripa : On August 23, 2021 , Mahaguru Ji said Bomb Blasts are going to occur soon. On August 26, 2021, just 3 days later bomb blasts occurred in Kabul killing 13 people.

    Hari Kripa : Mahaguru Ji said on August 23, 2021 that “A Plane is going to catch fire”. On August 25th, 2021, an IAF military plane caught fire, Pilot was saved!

    Hari Kripa : Mahaguru Ji told about failure of ISRO’s mission GSLV-10 which occurred on 18th August 2021, on 10th August 2021 itself.

    Hari Kripa : Mahaguru Ji told on July 10, 2021 that a “Plane is going to crash soon”. On July 16, 2021, a Plane crashed in Russia – All passengers safe.

    Hari Kripa : Mahaguru Ji wrote on June 26, 2021 that “Jyotiraditya Scindhia Ji will get bigger role to play in country’s politics soon”. Indian govt cabinet was expanded, and Mr Scindia was appointed as Central Civil Aviation Minister by govt on 7th July 2021

    Hari Kripa : Mahaguru Ji told on Dec 25, 2020, that a popular leader is going to leave BJP. Mukul Roy Ji from Bengal, left BJP on June 11, 2021

    Hari Kripa : Mahaguru Ji told on 24th October 2020 that a young, recently married MP is going to be pregnant soon. On 9th, June, 2021, news came out about pregnancy of MP Nusrat Jahan

    Hari Kripa : Mahaguru Ji told that he is expediting Vaccination program across the world as has been ordered by Gods on December 13, 2020. Scientists estimated vaccination to take years, while after this boost by Gods, vaccination drive across the world has caught pace

    Hari Kripa : Mahaguru Ji told about Bengal Violence on October 25, 2020, that there is going to be huge violence created in future. This was seen as post poll violence in WB

    Hari Kripa : Mahaguru Ji told about a plane crashing on May 8, Plane crashes on May21, 2021

    Hari Kripa : Mahaguru Ji told about a large ship drowning in sea, on April 14, 2021. P305 barge drowns on 20th May 2021

    Hari Kripa : Mahaguru Ji told that effect of a drug called “Ramdesivir” is being withdrawn by Gods as its causing problems for poor sections of humans on May 15, 2021. On May 19, 2021, govt withdrew authorization for use of Ramdesivir for treatment of Corona

    Hari Kripa : Mahaguru Ji said poor people owing to their poverty are resorting to wrong methods to earn money after recovering from Coronavirus, hence as guided by Gods, he is withdrawing effect of Plasma in treatment of Virus, on April 15, 2021. On May 17, a month later, govt withdrew authorization for use of Plasma in treating coronavirus

    Hari Kripa : Mahaguru Ji told on Jan 25, 2021, that a short war is being created. On May 12, 2021 , Israel Palestine Conflict escalated to never before standards

    Hari Kripa : Mahaguru Ji told on Sept 17, 2019 that Kamal Hasan will have no impact on Tamil Nadu Election. On May 2, 2021 when results were announced, Kamal Hasan’s party won 0 seats. Kamal Hasan himself lost election

    Hari Kripa : Mahaguru Ji told on October 26, 2019, one and half year before Tamilnadu Elections, that Gods have ordered to create DMK government in Tamilnadu. On 2nd May 2021, Assembly election results came, and DMK formed govt with majority

    Hari Kripa : Mahaguru Ji told that a Major Train Accident is about to happen on 14th April 2021. On 18th April 2021, a major train accident took place in Egypt, 16 killed

    Hari Kripa : Mahaguru Ji told about upcoming second wave of COVID in India on multiple occasions, on March 27, 2021. Then on 4th April 2021. Second COVID Wave went on to wreck havoc in the country

    Hari Kripa : Mahaguru Ji told about a Commercial Plane meeting with an accident soon on Feb 3, 2021. On 21st Feb 2021, a Plane in US had to make an emergency landing, All passengers safe.

    Mahaguru told on Jan 30, 2021 that soon some workers in North India are going to die. On 12th Feb 2021, glacier burst in Uttarakhand, wiped out the dam. 72 deaths were officially reported

    Mahaguru Ji told on 29th Dec 2020, that Gods have ordered to open Malls etc. By 9th Jan most state govts had allowed opening Malls, by 31st Jan 2021, all were opened.

    Mahaguru Ji told about a Military plane crashing on 25th Jan 2021, at 11:10 AM, after coming out of Dhyanam. At 7:15 PM, after 8 hours same day, a military chopper crashed.

    Mahaguru Ji told on November 27, 2020 that China is continuing to create problems. On Jan 19, 2021, govt came to know that China is continuing building along border areas.

    Mahaguru Ji told on 29th March 2021, that Narendra Modi Ji will cry on TV. On 16th Jan 2021, while addressing nation, PM did cry.

    Mahaguru Ji told on 12th Jan 2021 that soon a building is going to collapse. On 15th Jan 2021, just 3 days later, Indonesia was hit with a 6.2 magnitude earthquake completely raising a building to ground

    Mahaguru Ji told on 3rd December 2020, that Trump may attempt something, not so ethical to try to overturn elections. But Gods don’t want that, so it will not work. Mahaguru Ji also said, he may go for Governor’s interference. Mr Trump tried to convince governor’s of Republican states to not certify electoral college votes.

    Mahaguru Ji told on 3rd December 2020, that Shooting is going to take place along with Huge Violent Protests at a place soon. Mahaguru Ji said, he was there to save important people. Capitol Hill riots took place on Jan 7,2021 in America

    Mahaguru Ji told that a plane is going to crash soon on Dec 10, 2020. On Jan 7, 2021, a military plane crashed, pilot safe

    Mahaguru Ji told that a Train Accident is going to happen on 7th Jan 2021 at 1:14PM after coming out of dhyanam. Same day, at 9:48 PM, a train accident happened in Uttarakhand killing 4 people, just within 8 hours of Mahaguru Ji telling it

    Mahaguru Ji told on Sept 17, 2019 that Rajnikanth will not join politics. On 30th December 2020, Rajnikanth announced that he will not join politics

    Mahaguru Ji told about death of Mr Abhaya Bhardwaj, Rajyasabha MP, 2 days before his death on 30th November 2020

    Mahaguru Ji told that scientists will be able to create Coronavirus Vaccines between July to November 2020, on May 3, 2020. Same happened and most vaccines which were used for vaccination program came during this time

    Mahaguru Ji told a plane is going to crash on 22nd November 2020. On 29th November 2020, a Mig29 plane of Indian Navy Crashed in Sea – One Pilot Safe!

    Mahaguru Ji told about death of Mr Bharat Bhalke Ji, NCP MLA from Maharashtra, 4 days before his death on Nov 25, 2020

    Mahaguru Ji told about death of Mr Ahmad Patel, prominent politician from Indian National Congress, One day before his death on 24th November 2020

    Mahaguru Ji told about death of Mr Tarun Gogoi, ex CM of Assam, as soon as he came out from Dhyanam on 23rd November 2020

    Mahaguru Ji told about results of Bihar Assembly Elections on 24th October 2020, long before results. Mahaguru Ji said, govt will be created with borderline number of seats. Mahaguru Ji also told exact number of seats each party will get.

    Mahaguru Ji told on 4th November 2020, on the day of US elections, that Gods have given their orders, and Trump will lose this election. Same happened, and Mr Joe Biden was elected as US President

    Mahaguru Ji had informed about US, Australia and allied Force build up in South China Sea in June itself

    Why we are witnessing more than normal Earthquakes? Mahaguru Ji had told about this

    Gods had created events that lead to Russia sending aid to India

    Mahaguru Ji had told about China Conflict in May 2020, a month before Galwan incident

    Mahaguru Ji had told about Cyclone Nisarga 15 days in advance

    Mahaguru Ji had told about CAA Protest on 11th September 2019, months before protests started

    7.4 Magnitude Earthquake Created by Mahaguru Ji to balance energies of the planet, No casualties, No Damage

    Mahaguru Ji Created Rain for across the country – 30th March 2020

    Mahaguru Ji had told about Coronavirus Outbreak in August 2019

    Mahaguru Ji Formed New Government in Madhya Pradesh as ordered by Gods

    Mahaguru Ji Doused Bushfire in Australia on orders of Gods

    Mahaguru Ji Formed State Government in Jharkhand on request of then President of a Political Party

    Mahaguru Ji Saved 4 Flights from Crashing

    Mahaguru Ji had said on January 20, 2020 that Congress will not win any seat in Delhi Assembly Elections. On Feb 11, 2020, when results were announced Congress had not won any seat

    Karnataka Bye – Elections results were told by Mahaguru Ji before a single vote was cast

    Mahaguru Ji Formed State Government in Maharashtra on request of President of Political Party

    All MLAs who sought help of Mahaguru Ji in Maharashtra Vidhan Sabha Election won their seats!

    Mahaguru Ji had said in April 2019, Rahul Gandhi will lose election from Amethi Seat, that has been ordered by Gods. When results came, Mr Rahul Gandhi lost by 55k votes.

    Mahaguru Ji had said in April 2019, that NDA will win the Loksabha 2019 and return back in power with 342+ Seats. When results were announced, NDA won 352 seats and formed govt

    All candidates who sought help of Mahaguru Ji in recently concluded Loksabha Elections won their seats

    Disclaimer : Mahaguru Ji uses only hyperspiritual methods for faith, cosmic energy and spiritual healings. Various alternative and modern medicine principles are used for holistic wellbeing of devotees during sessions. Hindu Religious teachings are employed to guide towards better living and making improvements in lifestyle. 

    Mahaguru Kritakritacharya Ji Maharaj, Sansthan, Foundation or any person/individual associated with Ek Sattva does not endorse or conduct and unscientific, superstitious procedure. All methods employed are from various religious systems of beliefs, accepted modalities of knowledge and medicine. 

    We do not discourage Astrology, astrological predictions, but accept them as good way to guide and calm people. Mahaguru Ji uses astrology in exceptional circumstances sometimes to guide devotees. 

    Black Magic, Vashikaran etc is not done by Sansthan. Though Vibhuti offered by Sansthan can be used to get rid of any such occult spell by anybody. 

    Pret Badha solution can be obtained by attending Group sessions regularly by mere presence near Mahaguru Ji. One single private session can be taken only once by people suffering from Pret Badha. A repeat private session is not offered under any circumstances because of huge karmic twist involved in Pret Badha patients. 

    Vibhuti, Holy Water, Panchgavya products are all spiritual products and have no superstitious value. God & Cosmic energies work in mysterious ways, one of them is establishing connection with the connecting Sattva, Ek Sattva and Sattva of the devotee by keeping such articles closer to them, or by performing various procedures.