Abhimantrit Jal for Pret Badha, Tantra


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Use Abhimantrit Jal of Ek Sattva Nrisinh Narayan to give instant relief from Tantra and Pret Badha

Take Anjuli bhar Abhimantrit Jal, and throw it on face of person to instantly break the effect of ongoing Tantra or Preta Badha


Bring bhakta who has Tantra or Preta Badha to Divya Darbar to get better relief. Jal only breaks an ongoing spell, doesn’t cure a person from Tantra. It can take time depending on spell used for person to become normal, completely dependent on Kripa of Bhagwan Ek Sattva Nrisinh Narayan

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1 Lit, 500 ml


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